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  1. Going on a Hawaii cruise in March which I’m looking forward too 

    the problem I have is what to expect weather wise 

    anybody done this cruise in March ? 
    for those who know me and that sadly lost my husband two years ago am going with my Grandson, not brave enough to go on my own 

  2. Too organised 2TORTS!! although it does allow morem time for the Christmas tipple. Hope the arm isnt too sore from the jab
  3. Oh the love of ship internet (not). We were trying to watch the final but with 2 balls to go the ship lost signal. Loving the comments re Taufel though and it reminded me of a shirt that a crowd member was wearing at Trent Bridge recently in the World Cup which as you will read below was priceless Australian Rules of Cricket Bat YES Ball Yes Sandpaper YES Dignity xxxxxxx
  4. Sounds like a journalist was on the cruise, LOOKING FOR A STORY me thinks!!
  5. Good old Donald strikes again. Just as all tourists look forward to finally seeing Cuba he pulls the rug from under them forcing all the cruise lines to dramatically change their cruises, such a shame as I'm sure the poorer people in Cuba would have welcomed the influx of cash from cruise guests. Will it be Mexico next?
  6. Thanks for the reply 'Dozydo' and not meant to be a Belittler as you put it but simply if you have a cabin that has what you asked for why risk changing. Bit if you do then it goes without saying!
  7. Pleasing to hear Davybe as I was trying to work out which would be the preference
  8. This always makes me laugh when I have listened to people on ship, when they were in an obstructed view cabin and upgraded to a clear view and they were moaning it was a downgrade because it was lower down in the ship? What part of unobstructed to clear isnt better? Its just down to the NAoC'S on ship (for those who dont know what this means 'National AssocIation of Complainers' who have nothing better than moan, they are supposed to be on holiday enjoying themselves).
  9. All the lifts not reaching all of the decks is nothing new, Oceana only has access to the lower decks from the mid & fwd lifts otherwise you would probably be asked to wash the pots in the galley on the rear lifts. Clearly if there is a lack of food they are trying to be considerate of peoples expanding waistlines after we only need 3 square meals not 5
  10. As the age old saying goes 'never judge a book by its cover'. I know an elderly gentleman who lives near me and his dress sense is for want of a better word unkempt, however you will never meet such a nice, kind & polite man anywhere so I am with you on this
  11. It seems that the bubble for UK cruise passengers hasn't burst yet as we see further announcements for new ships for Oceania, Regent & Virgin Voyages who will start bookings soon. Although I'm not sure our little island will be able to cope to supply the demand the cruise lines expect
  12. Seems to be the way of the world, at least its not the really high resort fees that some American cities charge, I am also with afc andrew on the cynical side I am sure the cruise lines will sell overpriced excursions into Amsterdam
  13. As I fancy going to Australia I may have to watch this one with muted sound!
  14. cruise chef


    Sprout flavoured tea, that's definitely one to avoid
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