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    I think my only disappointment with Cunard was the shops. I used to love mooching around the shops on P&O. I rarely went to the shops on Cunard. I found the selection of clothing poor and everything over-priced. We bought the wine packages to drink in the evening at dinner but of course they can't be used in the bars. At least we saved up to 25% buying the wine packages.
  2. I'm still around. I've recently been on a back to back of 28 days on the Queen Victoria. As we've jumped ship from P&O and are unlikely to book a cruise with them again I've found I'm not interested in any threads about them. Perhaps I should start a thread about why Cunard should include the gratuities in the price of the cruise as P&O have done.😉
  3. I think it was probably about 7 years ago that there was a series of programmes about Venice which we watched. One of the concerns was the damage being caused by the local traffic along the Grand canal. I think Venice has more to worry about than cruise ships.
  4. I'm sorry for anyone who probably now won't experience the sail in but it doesn't bother me as we've been there a few times. We are in fact there again next year. I'd already decided I probably wouldn't be getting off the ship and now I definitely won't be.
  5. Yes quite right we always cruised in a suite with P&O. We were in the Penthouse suite for both of our world cruises. Although the suite was really lovely and I have no regrets about either of our world cruises and I think the Aurora is a lovely ship. I did find things a lot different on our second world cruise. Mainly the attitude of some of the staff, not all but enough to make a difference to our cruise. I think our experience on the Oceana was the final touch.
  6. I've just read your post and I'm shocked at what you experienced. We've never experienced anything quite like you but there is no doubt in my mind that P&O have gone downhill. When I compare our world cruise in 2013 to 2015 there really is no comparison. Our last cruise was on the Oceana and it literally was our last cruise. Since then we have tried Cunard in the Queens grill and you'd really have to pay me to go back on P&O now
  7. It hasn't put me off cruising or dressing up for formal nights either. It's just starting to seem a little ridiculous to me now. I have just been reading a P&O Facebook group and someone asked if their partner could just wear a waistcoat instead of a jacket on formal nights. The answers are of course varied. However quite a few people have said their husbands get too hot so take the jacket off as soon as they sit down. So what is the point. 🙄 Either it's formal and everyone abides by it or not. Some 6* lines don't have a 'formal night' probably because they know their passengers will all b
  8. Now that is an entirely different thing. I too would have a huge problem with that. I have been in the lift with people dressed up to the nines whose clothes have smelt of mothballs and BO. That has been very unpleasant too.
  9. I used to think it was very important that people stuck to the dress code. While I think people should at least look smart I agree with Davybe I'm more bothered about people being nice these days. Some of the best dressed aren't always the nicest.
  10. I tried to go to one just to see what it was like but there was such a huge queue waiting to get into the MDR I simply couldn't be bothered. I like chocolate but not that much.
  11. I think this is why there will always be arguments about tipping. You and others believe the gratuities are to increase the profits of cruise companies and others such as myself believe we are rewarding the staff for their services. Until it's proved without a doubt that you are right I don't think my conscience would allow me to not pay the gratuities. I'm wondering if P&O will go back to the way it used to be and advise people of a recommended amount to give staff and in fact how many will be paying it. Or have they said the gratuities are now included in the price of the cruise?
  12. I seem to remember Auto gratuities were brought in because people weren't paying tips. If you remember it was the walk out by staff on the Arcadia some years ago. Gratuities have always been part and parcel of cruising. Obviously the 'new' and so much valued cruiser does not agree with this. Perhaps this is why P&O have decided to do away with gratuities. Yes I'd be amongst those who would give a tip to the staff because that's what I do everywhere. In hotels and on other land based holidays I tip for a service given. That's how I was brought up and I'm beginning to realise my generation
  13. I see what you did there HLM😉. Of course people have a choice whether or not to pay a tip. Having said that I still believe that those of us who pay tips are subsidising those who pay no tips at all. It will be interesting to see what happens on P&O after May.
  14. We've always left the auto gratuities on and given extra tips in envelopes. The reason for this is we have no idea whatsoever who gets what. I've always wished that gratuities would be included in the price of the cruise. I've always thought that would be the fairest way as whatever you are prepared to pay for your cruise is then up to you. It's a little ironic that now we've tried Cunard and are unlikely to go back to P&O they are finally stopping the auto gratuities. Now we are faced with the same dilemma on Cunard. On our cruise last year we did the same as we've always done, left the
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