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  1. Thanks to maritime matters eh Harvey Too many too big.
  2. Welcome any advice regarding transfers from Manhattan hotels to the New York cruise terminal for Cunard.
  3. Sailed on the celebrity eclipse in an aft cabin and I would agree that it was the best cabin we have ever had, apart from the odd smut from the funnels. Especially with the tiered stern as well. .
  4. And of course this should be entitled what is your BEST cruising tip. Darn predictive text.
  5. My best tip is to take your own favourite brand of tea bags. A good cuppa is the most important thing to start the day.
  6. 15 cruises so far. Smoked for 20 odd years and been packed up for 32 years. Anyone taking a beer won't effect my health but a fag will. Not a serial complainer either just giving an opinion on the subject of this thread. That is smoking I believe.. Nuff said I think.
  7. It was either or if you read it properly. And you can have a big majority therefore you can have a vast majority too. Of course it's not just a I safety issue. If was down to safety issues alone they would in your own words, ban it completely. And are you seriously suggesting that smoking does not have a real health issue. None so blind as to those who refuse to see.
  8. Look at the stats Terminator. Are there any smoking cabins on board most ships err No, Is there more smoking areas onboard a ship than not?err NO, is smoking being encouraged on board most ships ? err NO , is smoking now to be banned from balconies for the benefit of the ( vast or silent) majority or not. Well that is an an emphatic YES. And is smoking now a habit of the MINORITY of the population , rather than the majority ( vast or silent). YES. There you go...... Quite simple logic really and not really very amusing at all.
  9. If you want craps then Carnival is the line to go for. These are recognised as fun ships, usually with short cruises around a week long. Casinos are usually very busy with mostly Americans. Probably cos they are the only ones who understand how to play craps. Not for me but ya pays ya money and ya takes ya choice. Also experienced busy casinos on Princess ships too. We have cruised with them a number of times and always had an enjoyed time. But the previous contributors are correct. American ships are the ones to go for if you want a Las Vegas style casino.
  10. Hi showgirl. You have given the answer in your own post. People do not like breathing in YOUR smoke. It really doesn't matter that it is filtered at all. What about the unfiltered smoke that comes off the cigarette itself before any inhaling. That is direct from the tobacco in the cigarette, cigar or pipe. It's no only unhealthy it stinks and the foul smell gets everywhere.
  11. I recently read that the Oriana is due to retire from the P & O fleet sometime in late 2014. Can anybody confirm this or if they have heard anything similar.
  12. Did a ship visit and tour just last week around the QM 2 and was VERY impressed by everything. We shall certainly be making a reservation in the future. We have visited all three Cunard ships and this one comes out tops in our opinion. Never sailed on them but with the knowledge we have gained from the ship visits it has certainly encouraged us to do so.
  13. What about a smoking drunk !
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