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  1. To be honest your on holiday so why the need for wifi??! Surely theres enough entertainment on the ships?
  2. I think they are the same layout and like others have already said a bit like Ventura and Azura!
  3. I was thinking the same as i saw a TV documentary about it and how it is a ghost town now as is so unsafe due to the drug cartels?
  4. I have been but it was a long time ago and we just wandered arounf the town. Ive watched the Death in Paradise show and the island looks really beautiful so im sure there would be a tour that would show you a prettier side than the port!
  5. I havent been lucky enough to travel on Viking but after seeing the programme they look amazing!!!
  6. I guess its personal preference really
  7. I would try Holiday Extras or Insure and go - always found both of them good!
  8. As far as P&O are concerned the £6pppd seems reasonable so we always leave ours on the bill
  9. Love Dubai!! Some great pictures on here especially the camel!!
  10. Sometimes its cheaper to pre book them
  11. You can go to Mustique from St Vincent - this is well worth a visit, beautiful little island!
  12. I agree that if they are behaving in a way that spoils everyone elses experience
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