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  1. I recently cruised on Ventura with my wife and I am pleased to tell you that on at least 2 occasions Solo Traveller 'Get Togethers' were advertised on the daily information cruise 'whats on?'
  2. I recently took a short Cruise with my wife on Ventura. Having cruised with P&O many times including on Ventura I was shocked to find that the Cabin Menu had been changed. By this I mean NOT a change of items on the menu but a charge for every item on it. The nominal charge for certain items(such as Fish Pie) had been extended to EVERYTHING ranging from bread rolls to pastries and soup to fresh salmon. We have already paid for our food P&O. This is a money making 'step too far'. Even a small charge for cabin delivery (although I always tip staff who deliver to my cabin) would be
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