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  1. Hi Jenjen, And a Happy New Year to you too. It's a few years since we cruised from San Francisco to New Zealand, with Hawaii as part of the itinerary. Fabulous trip - Hawaii is stunning. As for temperatures, LA in March should range between 21C and 11C (day/night),. By the time you're in Hawaii you can expect 28C and 20C, respectively. Have a great time!! DavidH
  2. What a disappointment for you. It would seem that industrial action is rife right now!! DavidH
  3. Only thought is jealousy, Pam61. Having had our Japan cruise cancelled for 3 years in a row and reaching the conclusion we are probably too old to maximise a visit to that wonderful part of the world, I wish you a great trip. DavidH
  4. What I look for in a cruise line is value for money. Looking forward to being able to personally assess that of Saga in a few months' time. DavidH
  5. DavidH


    Hi TJB, Can't help you directly but may I suggest you try the website "whatsinport.com". Pull up USA, then Port Canaveral, to check out relevant information. Personally, we hired a car to visit the Space Centre. I find the whatsinport.com website invaluable. DavidH
  6. Hi Countrygirl, Thanks for the heads up. We're on Spirit of Adventure in late April/early May (Mediterranean Islands). Looking forward to it. DavidH
  7. Hi OWT, Good to hear from you. Sorry to hear of your injury. We were on Enchanted Princess in May (Canaries) and have just returned from HAL's Oosterdam.(Adriatic Dream). Booked on Spirit of Adventure (Mediterranean Islands) late April/early May and then accompanying my sister and her husband on their first cruise in November 2023 - Arcadia (Northern Lights). It's good to be back cruising but, unfortunately, we will never recover those missing years. Rapidly running out of time!!! DavidH
  8. Thanks, Countrygirl, We're on Spirit of Adventure in late April/early May. Useful heads up. DavidH
  9. Hi Sandra, We used Cicar when we were docked in Santa Cruz in May and found their Muelle Ribera Office to be very conveniently placed and efficient. Obviously, around Christmas is a tricky time. All I can suggest is that maybe you ring and speak to them to discuss your requirements. Tel: +34 922 244097. DavidH
  10. Hi Pam, We had a full day call in Haifa in October 2017 onboard Azamara Journey. From there we visited Nazareth and Galilee, Having had a full 2 days prior to that docked in Ashdod, we had already visited the amazing Masada and bathed in the Dead Sea (day 1), then toured Jerusalem (day 2). If Haifa is your only call in Israel, I guess it will be a case of checking out what ship's tours are available. Almost three hours each way on a coach is not everybody's idea of a good day but that's the reality if you want to re-visit Jerusalem or chill out in the Dead Sea. Having t
  11. Hi Julie, Whilst I am sure you will enjoy a cruise around New Zealand, that will only give you a snapshot of what is the most wonderful country to visit. My wife and I toured there for 6 weeks in a motorhome when we first retired and still didn't do it justice - 4 weeks on South Island, leaving only 2 weeks on North Island. We did return to Auckland on a cruise ship (P&O's Aurora) a few years later, boarding in San Francisco and spending a further week ashore to cover Bay of Islands, 90 Mile Beach and the Northern tip of North Island. Certainly, the best time of year to vis
  12. Hi Clarrie, You may find this helpful. It is taken from a recent article posted on Cruise Critic following Celebrity Millenium's first post-covid sailing in the Caribbean. "We visited three ports -- Aruba, Curacao and Barbados -- and in two, we were allowed to explore on our own. In Barbados, we had to participate in a ship-offered shore excursion if we wanted to leave the vessel. The requirement came from the port, rather than Celebrity, which will be the case for all cruises at least in the short term, as the destinations dictate the rules for keeping citizens safe. A ca
  13. As anticipated above, received an email from Holland America Line on Thursday evening advising me that they have decided not to visit Asian ports in the early part of 2022. Consequently, our Japan and Russia cruise has been cancelled for a third time and they will automatically rebook us for April 2023. Not at all sure that we will go ahead with that but await contact via Bolsover once they have details of what we are being offered. Oh well, at least we're flying out to Gran Canaria today. DavidH
  14. Hi Jenjen, We've completely lost the confidence to book anything new. We do have a cruise booked - Japan and Russia in April 2022 - but that is only because the original date of April 2020 was cancelled due to the first wave of Covid, rebooked for April 2021, then cancelled again. I'm not at all sure it will go ahead in 2022 either, given the current state of play in Japan. However, I do hope you enjoy your trip when it comes around. DavidH
  15. Well done, guys!! At least somebody has posted on here. DavidH
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