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  1. Hi Jenjen, We've completely lost the confidence to book anything new. We do have a cruise booked - Japan and Russia in April 2022 - but that is only because the original date of April 2020 was cancelled due to the first wave of Covid, rebooked for April 2021, then cancelled again. I'm not at all sure it will go ahead in 2022 either, given the current state of play in Japan. However, I do hope you enjoy your trip when it comes around. DavidH
  2. Well done, guys!! At least somebody has posted on here. DavidH
  3. What a fiasco!! DavidH
  4. We haven't sailed with P&O since disembarking Aurora in Auckland 5 years ago, almost to the day. What we perceived to be declining standards over the years from our very first taste on board Arcadia (was that really around 20 years ago?) and a preference for smaller ships, with more interesting itineraries, have steered us elsewhere. Arvia is unlikely to attract us back. I would never say "never" but most unlikely. DavidH
  5. Just another one that's too big for my liking. DavidH
  6. Hi Andrew, Hope you are well? From looking at the 2022 versions of the back to back cruises which we were booked on for November/December 2020, Azamara pricing had already gone through the roof before this move took place. Whilst a massive fan of the cruise experience they offer, the cabin sizes do not warrant the prices they are now asking. Sadly, I think we will be looking elsewhere when, eventually, I can persuade W to allow me to book another cruise. We have been re-booked by HAL for our twice cancelled Japan and Russia Cruise, now scheduled for April 2022. Interestingly,
  7. DavidH

    COVID vaccination

    Hi 2torts, Seems a sensible move to me. Have to say, Saga's new ships look very tempting. DavidH
  8. Not sure if the Forum is still alive but thought I'd ask anyway. Has anybody picked up on the move by Azamara - leaving RCI and joining Sycamore Partners, a private equity firm based in New York? Received an email this afternoon. Hope it doesn't reduce the combined brownie points we've achieved with both Azamara and Celebrity. Anyone got any inside info??? DavidH ps Happy New Year.
  9. Best Wishes everyone. Fingers crossed for 2021. 🎄✨🛳️ DavidH
  10. Hi Andrew, Apologies for the delayed response. I've been unable to access the Forum website for the last few days for some reason. Don't know if anyone else has experienced the same "timed out" issue? As for the itinerary, I'm waiting until we get confirmation of the booking and our cabin allocation before considering whether or not to go ahead. I'll check the itinerary at that point - hopefully, during the course of the next week. Regards, DavidH
  11. Received an email from HAL in the early hours of this morning giving us an update on our planned cruise of Japan and Russia, scheduled for April 2021. Bear in mind that this trip was a already a re-booking of our cancelled April 2020 cruise. Referring to the recently released Framework for Conditional Sailing from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this is what they had to tell us:- "As we continue to prepare and develop our plans, we have made the decision to extend our pause in cruise operations for all departures through March 31, 2021, cruises of eigh
  12. Back in February, HAL cancelled our Japan and Russia cruise and promptly refunded all monies payed. With the help of both Bolsover (through whom the cruise was booked) and Trailfinders (flights and pre-cruise land tour package), we re-scheduled the trip for April 2021. Bolsover have just informed me that the date for the cruise balance payment has been deferred by one month to early February 2021. I guess by then HAL will be making a decision as to whether or not the cruise can go ahead, thus avoiding taking final payments which would need to be refunded. If it does go ahead, we cu
  13. At least last time we were locked down, we had good weather which allowed for great walks/bike rides in our wonderful countryside. All those tracks and fields are a much wetter. colder, windier proposition now. Dancing shoes back in the cupboard. Table tennis bat likewise. Might have to rig the bike back up to the static trainer!! Boring!!! But, still with hope. DavidH
  14. So now Azamara have cancelled all cruises until Spring 2021. Quest will re-start on March 20th with a Spain Intensive voyage. Journey on April 9th with an Iberia Intensive. Pursuit on May 9th with a Greece Intensive. Or will they?????????????? DavidH
  15. Hi Graden, As I have no desire to cruise on "The Leviathon Of The Seas", I would welcome the opportunity to sail from more Northerly ports on the smaller ships. But, to where????? DavidH
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