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  1. We used Cruise Operator parking 4 years ago never had problems before but half way through cruise a family emergency meant we flew back , we were unable to get our car for over 2 days told security reasons !this was all we needed on top of the emergency . Since then we have used an excellent parkonmydrive.com service of which there are lots in Southampton, the one we use offer private transfer to and from the Port, it is easy convenient and also cheaper and best of all no problem with getting access to your own car at any point should it be required.
  2. Having been very disappointed by The Brittania especially after all the hype one of the main reasons being the lack of a Promenade deck agree with most comments and would be unlikely to sail on Brittania again. Looking forward to Azura in the Caribbean
  3. Thank you Doug Great information we are booked to sail on Britannia this September and like the sound of the club with a fixed price meal I imagine this stops people wandering about as is the norm usually. The soundproofing of cabins is long overdue . Nottingham Ryan.
  4. Hi, Don't be nervous of Freedom dining we tried it and will never go back its perfect for us and you meet so many different people. We wont book a ship now if it doesn't offer it as a choice.
  5. We had to leave our 2 wk cruise last year due to family illness, Insure and go paid out for Airline tickets, taxi from ship to Airport and refund of remaining days not at sea. Claim took a while but they were good to deal with can recommend.
  6. I too am new on here , who have you cruised with?
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