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  1. As an addendum to the original thread. A few years ago I thought that I would do the same with RCI shares as with Carnival shares, they offered similar obc. I had to trade on the NYSE to buy the shares as they are not dual quoted like Carnival shares. I duly applied for my obc with RCI only to find that, unlike Carnival, they will not give you shareholder obc if you have any booking incentive obc. We had a small amount of obc from booking so were refused shareholder obc. Basically, it isn't worth the hassle with RCI if they are still doing the same as they were then. Just t
  2. Now that all my shares are held in an online account, I just printout the page showing my share holding with a date on it. Scan that in to my computer then attach to an email to the relevant cruise line with my booking details. If there are details I don't want them to know on the printout, e.g. account details, then I just blank those out before scanning. RayO
  3. The France case was December, so from all the facts we've been given Aug/Sept seems a bit early. We all would be more susceptible to virus strains of cold or flu from foriegners as we wouldn't have encountered those before and the same goes for them with us. On a recentish, Sept 2018, we all caught a bad infection from some Americans we shared a table with, it happens. On the conspiracy front I don't believe the Chinese have been totally honest with us about many aspects of Covid-19. So who knows? RayO
  4. I cannot agree with the OP on this. Points are given for nights onboard regardless of anything else and clearly there were no nights spent onboard. I had a similar experience in 2016 when we had to cancel a cruise with Celebrity, as my wife had been disgnosed with a serious illness. No points were given, and I did not expect any has we had not spent any nights onboard. A bit unfair to blame P&O as all cruise lines do the same I believe. RayO
  5. Fred Olsen's singles deals are very much what suits them, presumably cruises not selling that well, and usually limited to low grade outside cabins with portholes. The rest of the time they are pretty much like the rest. Having said that they do at least come up with singles deals, which to my mind illustrates how bad the situation is for solo travellers with all the other cruiselines. RayO
  6. I have accepted (sort of) that I will have to pay double for the accommodation, but the side that sticks in my craw is the expectation that I should actually pay twice for meals and additional incentives that I then do not receive doubled. OBC is a simple one that should be doubled up, but it would be impossible to have an included drinks package doubled or free car parking doubled. Recently travelling with my daughter and her husband outside cabins and above all had extra inclusions with no option to just book the cabin. Therefore, I ended up in an inside cabin and paid extra for the tip
  7. Thanks for the heads up, but I'm pretty clued on this stuff (though not complacent by any means) having had incidents in Florence, Barcelona, Istanbul and a couple of other places. Nobody's got anything yet. My usual approach is keep it close and keep it covered. I wear a bumbag, for convenience and as a diversion, but my money and card (only ever one) is in a lanyard around my neck under my shirt. Fingers crossed this will continue to work for me. RayO
  8. Walking is my preferred way and I am not super fit by any means. I will be there on September 30th, but this time I'll be giving the Metro a go as I want to get to the Sao Sebastiao (El Corte Ingles is also up there) area for the view down over the city. This guide https://lisbonlisboaportugal.com/lisbon-transport/Lisbon-metro-guide.html makes it look straightforward to use and there is a station on the right line opposite the cruise terminal, Terreiro do Paco or Santa Apolonia further along the waterfront. I suppose this is the sort of thing you look to do after visiting Lisbon a nu
  9. Recorded it and watched Sunday. Pretty much the same old, same old... Didn't care for the pushy American woman. Chef rushing around town to source some fresh fish, seen it before. We still have an engineering problem, late passengers and tricky docking procedures to look forward to. Although there were a few rich people, most appeared to be just normal folks that had decided to splash out the cash as a one-off. Also worth checking out other ship related programmes such as Monster Ships on Yesterday. ONE Columba was last week and was really interesting. RayO
  10. There may have been a programme about its building, e.g. lots of marble and gold taps, but this series looks new. They all tend to meld into one eventually. no doubt there'll be the stock scenes about loading food, the odd engine problem, late passengers and, my favourite, the tricky nature of getting into a new port along with unusual requests from some onboard this being a six star cruise. I'll still watch it though. RayO
  11. RayO


    Am I missing something here? OP post was from 2018 and she was last seen July 17th, 2018 not 2019. Doesn't seem to have hung around too long. RayO
  12. Which bit of "fixed double" is not understood. Of course you would have the cabin steward change the bed configuration if it were possible, but that isn't always the case. I have come across "fixed singles" when the cabin is slightly narrower than normal and there isn't enough room for two sets of bedside units and a "fixed double" where a different configuration of a narrower cabin had bedside units fitted to the walls, also Royal Caribbean have those rounded end doubles which are not movable to singles. It isn't always possible to get "the room steward to care of it". RayO
  13. A definite no from me. RayO
  14. The advantage of club dining for a single is that you will meet the same familiar faces each evening (mostly singles usually on a larger table) and develop a rapport throughout the cruise rather than have to start again each evening. It may be that that will be the most meaningful or in depth conversation that you've had with anyone all day. By removing club dining it takes that choice away unless there is some way that the maitre d' can fix a table for singles to meet up each evening, i.e. replicate club dining. It isn't really about the advantages or disadvantages of freedom dining in genera
  15. I'm surprised the articles are still available after 4.5 years. The wonders of the internet. Sigh! RayO
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