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    loub got a reaction from Popsicle in WELL DONE BOLSOVER!!   
    Nice to see awards going to companies that truly deserve them - can honesty say 'everyone' we have dealt with at Bolsover cruise club have always been very professional and helpful - something that is rare in companies of late - well done
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    loub got a reaction from linzi1907 in WELL DONE BOLSOVER!!   
    Nice to see awards going to companies that truly deserve them - can honesty say 'everyone' we have dealt with at Bolsover cruise club have always been very professional and helpful - something that is rare in companies of late - well done
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    loub got a reaction from dancefloordemon in Azura at Christmas review   
    We are a family of 5 (two parents, two children and Granddad!)
    We flew with Thomson and the flight was great (we didn't book flight seats and got 5 seats together no problem).  Loved the new Dreamliner, it had a real feeling of space.  The bonded luggage with P&O was very convenient. 
    This was our first time to the Caribbean and we loved it.  I expected the islands all to be very similar but we managed to vary what we did in each port which meant we enjoyed each of the destination for different reasons.  There wasn't a single port we were disappointed with and now have the bug and would love to go again. 
    The 'Christmas' aspect of this cruise was done very well.  The ship was decorated beautifully with a lovely large tree in the atrium which made for a good 'formal night photo'.  Father Christmas arrived on board during a deck party.  There were carols at dinner and in the atrium.  They had a very funny crew panto.  Every cabin got a gift and the kids got to visit father Christmas in his grotto and again received lovely presents.  Christmas dinner had a nice atmosphere, the dinner itself was 'okay' - prefer my own but didn't miss cooking it or cleaning up after it !
    My children (8+11) took a bit of persuading to go to kids clubs (they fell into different age groups so this didn't help) but once we got them in they did enjoy it.  My son made friends which he then spent time with around the pool and was happy to go to kids club at every opportunity - although we often struggled to find time for him to actually go.  My daughter wasn't so keen.  The kids club timetable was impressive with a good variety of activities to suit.
    The sea screen was a hit with all of us - you had to be in the pool nice and early to get a sunbed with a decent view though!  The men on our trip were in heaven watching the premier league on the big screen while sunbathing in the pool in 30 degree heat.  We spent most of our time around this pool or the one at the aft of the ship as we found the other pool far too noisy.
    On a whole we loved our time on Azura - there were niggles, but they really were 'niggles', certainly nothing that would put us off going again.  We did comment that a Caribbean cruise is very good value for money when compared to a two week beach holiday and after visiting such amazing places I will never understand why you would want to stay in one place!
    Now to plan the next one.......
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    loub reacted to cruise addict in Military On Board Credit   
    Carnival are an American company and have recognized the contribution their service men have done for the country. The Americans are very good to their service men. I have flown to America many times and their service personnel, if in uniform, get priority treatment. Boarded first and offered upgrades if available. They are also given discounts on some stores and restaurants. Unfortunately we do not treat our troops so well.
    Let's not complain that other professionals do not get the discount as the list would be never ending. Be pleased that anyone who have done Military service,how ever small are getting some recognition. I would hate to think the benefit was withdrawn because people are not happy about it.. . .
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    loub got a reaction from Sea Cruiser in Low deposits   
    £25pp is the lowest deposit I've ever seen - they obviously know people are on a budget at this time of year!
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    loub reacted to MG16 in Complimentary coaches on the saver fares   
    Ahh, thanks for clarifying that loub. Makes sense now
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    loub got a reaction from dancefloordemon in Caribbean cruise with kids   
    Thanks everybody - that was really helpful.  Loving the sound of Virgin Gorda - definitely one the kids would enjoy and not an trip I had looked at prior to this.
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    loub reacted to Mimosa in Caribbean cruise with kids   
    Get a boat over to Virgin Gorda from Tortola, its only a short hope from one island to the next. You may find they even run an excursion.  The kids will love the Virgin Gorda Baths.  walking between giant boulders that have crashed together causing large pools of water.  You can walk all the way through, climb steps, use ropes to help you along.  The space is really open & light, not closed in.  The snorkelling of the beach there is really good too.  Has a nice cafe/bar at the top of the beach with some amazing views while enjoying a chilled drink

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    loub got a reaction from KeithnRita in amber cove   
    I'm on that cruise too - VERY excited.  My first time to the Caribbean so all the ports are new to me
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    loub got a reaction from paul1924 in Rci Names 3Rd Smartship   
    Can't even start to imagine what this ships unique feature will be
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    loub got a reaction from Tally in Joke Of The Day   
    Brightened up my day.......Doesn't take much
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    loub reacted to WAVES in Joke Of The Day   
    Two monkeys in the bath on turns to the other and says oooh oooh oooh, the 2nd monkey says put the cold tap on then
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    loub reacted to dancefloordemon in Joke Of The Day   
    Rioght guys, feel good friday.... lets hear your best jokes!
    How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?.........................
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    loub got a reaction from Tally in Do You Always Spend All Of Your Obc?   
    No such thing as too much on board credit surly
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    loub got a reaction from Pebbles93 in New Cruiser   
    Eeeekk how exciting.  We did all those 3 ports at our own arrangements.  Travelling as a family of 2ad + 2ch (3+6) we found the excursions were just too expensive.  In Rome we got the train from the port to Rome (station within walking distance of the port) and then did one of the open top sight seeing buses.  We didn't go to Pisa as it was the day after Rome and is another longish trip so after a wonderful but very hot day dragging the kids round Rome we decided to head to one of the local beaches in Livorno (on the local bus!) and had such a lovely day chilling out.  It was a Sunday and the beach was packed with locals having picnics and all the cafe's were buzzing.  Naples we got the boat over to Sorrento which is a lovely trip.  Ship excursions are a great way to see a lot in a limited time but if you're on a budget or would just rather do things under your own steam just do some research before you go and you will soon find everything you need to know. 
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    loub got a reaction from Furby in Wimbledon   
    Lets hope it goes better than the football!
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