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  1. Arcadia J806. 10 days to go!!!! And P and O have done it again!!! Been looking forward to our well deserved holiday on Arcadia, including all of the wonderful facilities on board that we have paid for and expect..........except......no shops!!! Received a letter today telling us that the shops on Arcadia will be closied for the last few days of our cruise for refit preparation. Now the on board shopping experience is an important part of life on board and it is disgusting that this is to be curtailed anyway, but even more so just a few days before our cruise departure. Surely this has not
  2. Any recent cruisers on p and o? Can anyone who has recently travelled on p and o tell me a typical price for a bottle of wine nowadays? We’re on Arcadia in June and are thinking of pre ordering a wine package but would like to compare costs with the restaurant prices.
  3. Hi, I believe that tipping for good service is fine, but I also believe it's my prerogative to give the tip personally to the service provider. My experience of the standards of cruise ship staff service is all very good and I agree with other forum members who advocate that the staff should receive a wage reflecting the quality of service they provide.
  4. I note the majority of comments are against Celebrity on this one. I still can't understand why they have done this. I know many of our American friends dislike dressing up, and I know that Celebrity states that those that wish to still can, but I'm not sure that the two mix. I agree, back to Cunard and P and O for me!
  5. Just read the blog on Celebrity dropping formal nights. Why oh why!!?? If people don't want to dress up on a couple of nights on a cruise, they don't have to and can dine in the buffet restaurants. Many wives love to prepare for these evenings in formal gowns etc and gents in their tux. Now they could well be seated next to jeans and polo shirts!! Surely, the rare opportunity for the ordinary guy in the street to become a celebrity lookalike, and his lady made to feel like a film star at the Cannes festival, has gone out the window, ( sorry, porthole )! Still, think of the extra space we will
  6. Done P and O, Arcadia, Oceana and Aurora. Done Eclipse. Any one like to compare these with Emerald a Princess? Don't like flying so looking at Southampton cruises, thanks
  7. We enjoyed this package on Infinity last year. It was a great deal as part of the 123Go deal at the time. We have a similar package on Eclipse this September out of Southampton. Does anyone know if drinks and cocktails are available as part of the package in all bars, or is it restricted to certain bars only?
  8. Well, we sailed the Panama Canal last year on Infinity.no kettles of course but we had superb serice with tea and coffee to our cabin when we wanted, 24 hours. We also enjoyed a free classics beverage package which was wonderful. We are on Eclipse this September and I checked and received confirmation that UK sailings include kettles. Pity they still won't allow irons though!
  9. Hi. We tried a mini cruise last January on Aurora for 4 nights to Amsterdam and Zebrugge. Cost £239 pp!! Absolutely superb value for money and this was in a balcony cabin as well!! Highly recommend this for a taster cruise or try contacting p and o for a ship visit which is good value for money and gives a great preview of the ship.
  10. Can't answer your question just yet as we will be on our first Eclipse cruise in September but looking forward to it after a fantastic cruise on Celebrity Infinity in South America last year. Service, food, free drinks, free gratuities, obc, absolutely brilliant.
  11. We will be having our first cruise on Eclipse in September 2015. We had a wonderful cruise last year on a fly/ cruise on Infinity through the Panama Canal. Having enjoyed all previous cruises with P and O, has anyone got any advice or comments on how Eclipse compares?
  12. Can anyone tell me if there are ATM,s on Infinity and if there are changes for using this facility? Also, on their Panama cruise do all the Central America ports of call take US dollars, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala etc,?
  13. Thanks Oldworldtraveller, information is well appreciated and we look forward to our first cruise on Celebrity!
  14. I'm afraid that I am a bit new to all this reference to drinks arrangements on Celebrity as all previous cruises have been with P and O out of Southampton. I have booked our first cruise on Celebrity for Panama etc in November and included their "Classic drinks package" as a promotional "free" option, as this seemed a good deal. Was I right? Any info appreciated. Also, I have just discovered that, unlike P and O, there are no self service laundry or ironing facilities. Seems strange but does anyone know how good and how much the on board laundry service is?
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