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  1. just seen an email from Bolsover cruise club showing early savers on balconies starting from £8744 .. fab itin too x
  2. Sammy is right depends what you like to drink as its on value basis ie standard all drinks up to $6 per glass classic up to $6 beer , $8 cocktail and spirits , $9 wine premium up to $13 per glass include the top shelve spits and cocktails fabulous company and the martini bar is really worth a couple of drinks :-) :-)
  3. If the list of possibles are to go on i think dynamo will be good ..
  4. Any one excited to see who will be going in this years jungle ?? itv advertised thats its coming soon .. Who would we like to see ???
  5. I would generally say unless you have a specific beverage or brand you enjoy and its not on the classic list , i dont think the upgarde is really worth it . see info from celebrity website : hope that helps Classic alcoholic packageUpgrade your cruise experience and pay one price to enjoy all of the benefits of our Classic Non-Alcoholic package as well as all beers up to $6 per serving, wines up to $9.00 per glass and spirits and cocktails $8 per glass. Plus, with purchase of this Classic Package, you can enjoy a 15% discount on all wines by the bottle purchased on board, even our prized
  6. I agree with Solent Richard , this ship does seem to attract to younger than the avarage traveller on the fleet of the adult ships , but generally the age range does depend on the time of year and the itinerary , so summer to Fjords you will really enjoy. The photography opportunities are amazing around this part of the world , the Ship is very well designed and also offers a quite a buzzing night life in the Globe if like me you are into staying awake dancing to the early hours, another great feature is the Skydome over one of the pools so if there are any weather worries you can still la
  7. was really disappointed when it finished ..hope to see a second series
  8. i called into the girls at the new cruise holiday shop (meadowhall sheffield ) yesterday , great service and a great new premises ..well done
  9. i was looking at the simular cruise on 04june 14 some brilliant prices on princess at the minute ..
  10. welcome great to see new members joining the forum spread the word x
  11. Fantastic prices cant believe the family deal .. shame im not able to cruise this year ..
  12. Just confirmed my 2015 cruise on the royal caribbean explorer leaving southampton to the fjords , my girls are excited,
  13. HI welcome to the forum and to cruising , the new grade of cabins "Obstructed balconies" are on G deck , as this deck has been added above deck 7 that has the life boats on they will look down onto them or rise up into the glass balcony etc . the Balconies are still able to be used, just your view will be impeded .
  14. Most of the companies especially the ones that sail from the uk havent gone on sale yet for 2015 , so watch this space for information and destinations etc .. hope that helps
  15. welcome to the forum , does your traveling companion have a 10 yr british passport ?? lol cute !!
  16. im really torn as i would love to take a trip on both , think it might be summer hols Anthem and a mini break on britannia for me
  17. welcome to the forum both of you hope you can find this forum useful to you x
  18. Welcome to the forum Davyboy , i went on Oceana last year and i didnt have a problem finding a sunbed . have agood time
  19. think its a great idea , liking the new designs
  20. The cruise web site is only an information site and you have to call Bolsover cruise club 01246 819819 or freephone 08009179688 to do a booking , the sales are open until 8pm this evening , at the moment it is well worth booking now because of the current offers .
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