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  1. Just back from cruise on Azura, saw Roy Walker in the Playhouse, first show there were a few empty seats but second show was packed out once word got round how good he was
  2. If they did this to me they would regret it, it is so easy to get back at them. First call for the head waiter, make him come to you, explain the problem and what he is going to do about it, I think you will find that he will act, because if he doesn't, you will find that the restaurant manager will not be a happy chappy when you complain to him. I have found that if I have a complaint ( not very often ) having a word with the person in charge usualy does the trick
  3. I've just got back from Oceana, and the photographers were a pain. If you went into the restaurant they were there, sailaway they were there, go ashore, yes, they were there, but the best was one evening they closed the stairs in the Antrium so they could do portraits. Rant over, apart from those "Pests" the Oceana was a great ship
  4. On thomsonfly from Venice it was 20kg and only 5kg hand bagage I ended up wearing a shirt, sweater, jacket and coat
  5. Have just been on a Carabean fly cruise, both ways on a Thomson Dreamliner in the "cheap" seats, and I can honestly say they were the most comfortable flights I have had. I am 6ft 2ins and I had about a 3ins gap to the seat in front. No complaints at all.
  6. Just back from 14 fabulous days on Ventura cruising the Caribean, the only complaint is I am fed up with orange & chocolate biscuits in the cabin, why not custard creams?. We travelled with my 4 yr old grandaughter who wanted to spend all her time in the Kids club it was that good. All in all it was "GOOD VALUE FOR THE MONEY".
  7. Do you mind if I smoke------- Do you mind if I pass wind
  8. You should read the policy wording very very carefully, If like me, you had a knee opp 3 years ago, no problem, BUT 9 years ago I had a heart attack which I have to declare,failure to do this would invallidate any insurance. Insurance companies are getting very keen so remember to tell them everything
  9. Regarding the decline in quality, just remember "You Only Get What You Pay For" lower prices means lower standards. Simple logic.
  10. On a fly/cruise by the time I have packed my casual, smart casual and formal clothes there is not much left of my 23kg allowance to be able to pack for a themed evening
  11. How inconsiderate of the sea to be rough, if you want it calm try a canal
  12. The Paparazzi (photographers)
  13. Remember your P's & Q's, you get better service when you do.
  14. I use Mia Online found them to be very reasonable.
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