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  1. What a great idea something different
  2. angel

    Oceana Dubai

    My favourite ship. She has just recently had a refit also
  3. I'm on the fence with it may take some time to get use to
  4. angel

    Mailouts drive me mad!

    If you go on to Bolosver's website there is a chat option where you can chat directly to someone and you ask for the mailings to be stopped on there
  5. I thinks its like saying what is the difference between Azura and Ventura same layout different theme and decor
  6. angel

    Poor customer service

    Ive been on a strictly themed cruise and not really interested in the show. There is other entertainment other than this and too be fair didnt even notice there was a strictly theme whilst I was on board
  7. angel

    Increase in tip's for P&O

    They should keep the cost of the tips low and then they would probably find more people would pay them instead of removing them
  8. angel

    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas
  9. angel

    Cunard in Alaska?

    Always fancied Alaska may take a look at this for 2019
  10. angel

    To go or not to go?

    Definitely go I may not be going to some of the islands I originally was going to but I am on holiday so still luck enough to be going
  11. angel

    How much did you pay???!!

    Why do people do this. It's nobody business except my own. Keep your nose out!!!!!
  12. angel

    Silent Disco on Eclipse

    Never been to one but they look great fun especially from a specatator point of view
  13. angel

    Duplicate payments

    I have had this happened with a transaction I made with my local supermarket where they tried to take a payments couple of weeks later.