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    A Bigger Snob Than Me

    Hello,when we were in St Peterburgh on the Eclipse my wife and I walked to end of dock to have a closer look at the Thomson Spirit.My wife has been trying to convince me for some time we should try a Thomson cruise,we have several friends who will not here a word said against them. There is of course nothing worse than a working class snob,meaculpa.I will not be persuaded. But I was well and truly usurpt by a rather plummy voiced lady who informed us she would not be seen dead on the Spirit," have you seen how small the lifeboats are ".I have to admit the size of the lifeboats has never been high on my priority when choosing a cruise.I think they were quite large on the Tit........ were they not. Rodger.
  2. Hello,I think a mixed bag is probably the most accurate description on the entertainment on our recent Eclipse cruise. Four lads .the Overtures,doing 60s and 70s music- brilliant. Jon Courtney,very funny very talented pianist.alas same material as the last three times weve seen him. A Chinese magician,very skillfull but not our taste. Four young girls singing Beatles music.- It is hard to explain this act without being rude,which of course would be wrong.But here goes. They were poor and I have never seen so many people walk out of Theatre. Rodger.
  3. jaguar01

    Treasure Island - I didn't know

    Hello, Thank you Richard Rodger.
  4. jaguar01

    Back to back cruises

    Hello, I would have thought the crew bus is a definite no. Here is a thought, meet Solent Richard for lunch and a drink. That should keep you entertained for an hour or so. Rodger.
  5. jaguar01

    Chelsea And The Roman Empire

    Hello, I maybe totally wrong, but I think Mertersake was looking to see where his mate was, ie. if he was making tracks towards the goal he could pull Costa down without getting a red. Rodger.
  6. jaguar01

    Cruise virgins looking for advice

    Hello, Sorry I don't want to appear rude, but what was the point of starting another thread the same as the first one just a few minutes previously ?. Rodger.
  7. jaguar01

    Food Quality

    Hello Terminator. It would appear we are in a minority as far as meat is concerned. My wife and I like our meat cooked, as you obviously do. My wife was once told on a Cruise the Chef would not cook a steak well done.We cringe sometimes at cookery programmes on the television as the blood comes oozing out of the rare meat.The modern way apparently,
  8. jaguar01

    Chelsea And The Roman Empire

    Hello Richard of course the fans were magnificent, they are Scunthonians, never forget your roots. Rodger.
  9. jaguar01

    Chelsea And The Roman Empire

    Hello Richard, would you like directions to Glanford Park, just in case ?. Rodger.
  10. jaguar01

    Chelsea And The Roman Empire

    Hello, I suspect Richard they are no longer with us. Rodger.
  11. jaguar01

    Chelsea And The Roman Empire

    Hello Richard. Jack Brownsword, Jack Marriot, Barry Lindsey, Mervyn Jones. These are just a few of the Scunthorpe legends of my youth. Rodger.
  12. Hello, Some time ago Solent Richard was singing the praises of the travel insurance company we are with.We had to cancel our cruise on Queen Elizabeth 7th November when I became ill .They, the medics are still a little baffled. We finally got the claim form back from the surgery today. Lets see how good they really are. Rearrange this well known phrase or saying : breath hold don't. What a cynic. Rodger.
  13. jaguar01

    What will the outcome be ?.

    Hello ron, soon came today thank you. I am though a little dismayed they will not refund the £45 paid to the Doctor. It is of course in the small print, But of course without it you not get anywhere, Rodger.
  14. jaguar01

    Fred's new livery

    Hello, Thank you Richard for the quality,as always, pictures. You will not be surprised to learn that " Saddo Rodger " has a lap top scrapbook of ship's pictures. Assuming that copyright does not account between friends I have substituted mine for yours, Rodger
  15. jaguar01

    What will the outcome be ?.

    Hello, On 2 December I was mildly chastised by Ray o " jumping the gun a bit " in relation to my insurance claim. Well it is now January 6th. Where is my money ?.
  16. jaguar01

    Dubai hotel fire.

    Hello we have been directed via a crew passage. It was a strange feeling, especially of course when you read the sign saying " crew only " and then in their speech the captain tells you not to enter even if invited. Rodger.
  17. jaguar01

    Celebrity Mastermind.

    Hello, I have just watched Celebrity Mastermind , I have never heard of any of them, but. One of them answered questions on the Terminator. We didn't learn anything about him / her though. Rodger.
  18. jaguar01

    Celebrity Mastermind.

    Hello, Janet and I will be on it in May. Rodger.
  19. jaguar01

    Nice Touch - Thank you Bolsover

    Hello, do we think Richard and 132 had a kick about in no mans land over Christmas. Rodger.
  20. jaguar01

    Nice Touch - Thank you Bolsover

    Hello, if Terminator ever takes sides, I want him on mine please.
  21. jaguar01

    Tea & Coffee making facilities

    Hello I hope I am misunderstanding this. It sounds like you are to book a cruise simply because it has tea making ? surely I am wrong.
  22. Hello 132LK132. Richard, along , with the rest of us is far from perfect. My wife and I joined him and Barbara on Queen Mary2 for a short cruise last year and enjoyed their company. I will also say that long before we met him, and joined him on another forum, we enjoyed all his blogs. We learned a lot which we employed on subsequent holidays.
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    Hello. Thank you all very much. ( That's five but it is not enough ).
  24. jaguar01


    Hello, No nasties shown on Scan. Rodger.
  25. jaguar01

    Halhal meat

    Hello, I can remember many many years ago my dad used to eat tripe. It turned my stomach. Rodger.