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  1. We wouldn't be human if we all liked the same things.
  2. I love the Jane Mcdonald Cruise show. She's from Yorkshire, friendly, says it like it is and has a wonderful voice. What's not to like? The cruises have been varied. I particularly liked the Hebridean one, though I bet the sea can be rough sometimes. The River cruise looked to be a very expensive line, dressing for dinner and all. I have done river cruises with AMA Waterways but we didn't dress for dinner. I like the way she does tours that are not organised by the cruise company. This shows what else is available with a little research. I am looking forward to the Alaskan
  3. We liked the Adonia, but not as much as the Artemis. Now there was a lovely ship. Small friendly, adults only, we were sorry when she was sold. But the Adonia hopefully will return. It is to be hoped that the food improves when it does.
  4. As a regular P & O Cruiser I have noticed a great deterioration in quality and choice of food over the last 3-4 years. Dinner used to be an occasion. Good choice, well cooked and edible. Jan 2015 we did 4 weeks on Adonia around Caribbean and Amazon. The food was terrible. Steak fit to sole your boots. I had a chest infection and the Doctor told me not to eat the soup as it contained too much salt. The rest of the food was highly salted. This is the first cruise where I didn't gain weight. Jan 2016 we again did 4 weeks on Adonia in Caribbean and the food was much better. Not as sal
  5. Looking at the size of the ship I would call it Nightmare.
  6. We have only had an obstructed view once. This was on a trip to South America and the Antarctic. The view was between 2 lifeboats. Due to the fabulous scenery and wild life we were never in the cabin, we were on deck with binoculars and cameras. We chose a cabin near the back door out to the deck so that we could nip to the loo or change film in the camera. (Pre digital).
  7. We have cruised the Nile, Danube and Douro. Each was very different. The Nile we did with Sovereign Holidays quite a few years ago. I can't remember which boat. The boat and food were excellent, but Egypt is not my thing. Dirty, smelly and full of old buildings. I only went because friends wanted to go. The Danube with Ama Waterways was wonderful. The Amacello was a beautiful boat. The food, accommodation, entertainment, staff, and tours were 1st class. Wine with dinner each night was chosen from the region we were sailing through. Drinks pre dinner or through the day had to be purcha
  8. I hope you did report it to the Cruise Desk. In the past we have reported inadequate tours and have had a refund. But you have to do it whilst aboard to have any clout.
  9. Iguazu Falls Argentina/Brazil, Vulcano, Aeolian Islands, Siciiy, Falkland Islands, Macchu Pichu, Arica Dubrovnik, Croatia Kirku Falls, Croatia Bequai, Caribbean. These are a few of my favourite places.
  10. A few years ago we saw Jane Middleton ( I think that was her name) as Annie Lennox. She was terrific. So much so, I went and bought a CD of Annie Lennox which I love. This was on Ocean Village 1 and 2.
  11. I too have black crepe Palazzo trousers that I bought from Roman about 10 years ago. I have bought different tops over the years, including black and white ones for Black and White Night. The trousers have a small elasticated insert in the waist, so they fit throughout the cruise. Most evening wear is available in the shops before Christmas, the retailers haven't room to stock it all year round. Good luck,
  12. Jeffniffer


    Only tried Freedom Dining once, NEVER again. I thought you just turned up when you were ready to eat i.e. 7.15pm or 7.30pm. Told sorry nothing available until 9.00pm. Asked how we could be sure to eat at the time we wanted, told to ring and book, the morning of the day before. Where's the freedom there? So each morning before going on a tour we had to ring and book. If you forgot, tough luck. Second sitting for us. Tour or walk at port, back for a late lunch, forty winks and a read, shower G & T pre dinner, dinner, show, bed. What more could you ask for?
  13. We always stay at Novotel. Fab breakfast, clean and comfortable rooms. Next door to West Quays shopping mall. Short walk into town and restaurants for dinner. Drive out of Hotel and you are virtually at the entrance to the Pier for P&O. Wonderful meals at La Tavernetta in town centre.
  14. A lot of fuss is made about drinking water with meals. According to nutritionists, drinking fluids with meals, drowns your digestive enzymes and only partial digestion of food takes place, Therefore, drink fluids 30 minutes away from meals, before or after. G & T anyone?
  15. My Fantasy Cruise fellow passengers would include David Attenborough (wild life), Joan Bakewell (arts, politics) and the cast of NCIS (my favourite TV programme) and someone who has won the lottery and used the money to benefit others.
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