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  1. hi Furby its the same incident they just keep brining it up in the news , was even reported as recent as 24 april 2017 this year , bad news for cruise lines is headline news for the papers , Sells Copies
  2. the actual article is dated The sentence has been imposed by US District Judge Patricia A Seitz in Miami, who also ordered that US$1 million be awarded to a British engineer, who first reported the illegal discharges to the British Maritime and Coastguard Agency, which in turn provided the evidence to the US Coast Guard. The newly hired engineer on Caribbean Princess reported that a so-called ‘magic pipe’ had been used on 23 August 2013 to illegally discharge oily waste off the coast of England without the use of required pollution prevention equipment. The evidence gathered by the whis
  3. if people don,t like children before you book a specific cruise ask the agent to tell you how many kids are aboard they will tell you even the demographics of the numbers . we need to remember they are the future cruisers and we were kids once , life is for living not complaining
  4. why would anyone want to do this and i was thinking same as another poster is it mainly on p&o ships as they seem to be mentioned a lot in this thread .
  5. yes brand loyal , we get what we expect , did one on a sister company and found standards of customer care poor and rude staffing , trying a completely different line in 2018 .
  6. book the best you can afford and enjoy , upgrades are unexpected and not always good .
  7. no cruise line is perfect , folks will complain about anything to try get a freebie , your cruise experience is all down to your attitude towards the cruise as a whole . after 43 cruises and what do i not like . Nothing as i go with an open mind and enjoy where i go and who with . negativity can be undone by positivity
  8. most cruise lines are going this way , keeps a record of your visit to every point of the ship , you spend habits , passenger room visits , good idea no more demagnetised room keys
  9. we read good and bad reviews about M.S.C , Then we decided only way to find out is to try them ourselves and booked 6 days in the yacht club on the Meraviglia at a cost of £700.00 , we can go inside for the cost on princess.
  10. msc have put in an order with stx for 4 world class ships . 2000,000 tonne . these are some on the most futuristic ships built by msc . with the 4 meraviglia class and 2 seaside class this will give 10 ships to be built between 2017 and 2026 . one of the newest fleets in the market
  11. great looking ship cant wait for our 6 day cruise on her in april 2018
  12. great news that princess is to increase the new build programme and invest in 4 new royal class ships . last one to join the fleet in 2022 . the fleet is getting newer hopefully less folks complaining about the state of a ship that sails 365 days a year on the seas
  13. series 3 has been recorded , cant wait for it to be aired
  14. these things do happen when they shouldn,t and when cruise lines get caught the need fining , we need to keep the oceans clean from refuse . this was an old story from 2013 .
  15. were looking forward to our 13 day cruise around New zealand on her in 2018 , Will mean we have sailed on all 3 of the sisters
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