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  1. The best shore excursion i have ever done was from the port of Naples. It was an afternoon in Sorrento followed by the Ruins of Pompeii
  2. I have just been reading this article on the Daily Mail; Work begins on £116million life-size replica of the TITANIC in China which will allow visitors to relive the sinking which claimed 1,500 lives I dont think i will be paying a visit do you?? Link below for full article; http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3987472/Work-begins-116million-life-size-replica-TITANIC-China-allow-visitors-relive-sinking-claimed-1-500-lives.html
  3. I have just been reading an article on the Daily Mail website and apparently the USA men's basketball team have refused to stay in the Athletes' village, and instead they have chartered the Silversea Silver Cloud! I know which one i would prefer Full article here - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3720299/Forget-athletes-village-staying-CRUISE-LINER-USA-basketball-team-rejects-shared-bedrooms-luxury-life-spa-shops-7ft-beds.html
  4. Lolly


    Can anybody recommend anything to do/see in Cherbourg? I am visiting on my Harmony cruise in May and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions??
  5. Looks amazing! Roll on 26/05/2016!!
  6. Fantastic prices! I would love to cruise on the Britannia also, looks an amazing ship
  7. What is your preferred dining time? I really like the anytime dining and i am pleased that it is now becoming an option on most ships.
  8. I cannot wait! it looks like its going to be amazing! Is anyone else going on the Britannia next year?
  9. i went on the Arcadia in July and also did the freedom dining, i thought the service was really good! couldnt fault anything!
  10. i have just returned off the arcadia and it was only the bottom level that was open for breakfast
  11. I have just returned from a 3 night cruise on the Arcadia, the weather was fab! i think they are a great idea, as you get to try out different cruise ships/lines
  12. I am looking at a baltic cruise next june on the celebrity eclipse, it is £170 each more to upgrade to concierge class, has anyone booked a concierge class balcony before? was it worth the extra?
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