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  1. Romantic gondola rides, stunning architecture and bustling piazzas are just a handful of the attractions that make Venice one of the most popular ports of call on many a Mediterranean cruise itinerary. However, while the city is known for all of these things, it is also renowned as one of the most expensive destinations in the world - take a seat outside one of the cafes that line the perimeter of Piazza San Marco and you can expect to pay an eye-watering €30 for two coffees! Stretch your euros by avoiding the well-trodden tourist path and heading off in search of these free attractions in
  2. Here's a montage showing the incredible media coverage Cunard Line received for their spectacular #3Queens Liverpool celebrations. You can read more about the day's events and see full video highlights by clicking here. Alternatively, check out the aerial footage captured on the day featuring an appearance from the Red Arrows - just click here.
  3. If you missed the weekends events, see a great selection of photos captured on the day at the Cruise Club From Gallery - just click here.
  4. Images captured on Monday 25th May celebrating Cunard Line's 175th anniversary in Liverpool.
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