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  1. Thanks for that .look forward to the cruise
  2. Thanks everybody. Is the funicular close to the place where the bus drops you off.
  3. we are going to Norway on May 5th .When we go to Bergen we would like to do the funicular railway on our own .does anyone know how easy it is to do the trip .
  4. We are going to Alta in March ,can anyone tell me if they take the euro in the far north of Norway or do you have to have Krona ?
  5. Thanks everybody .We will make sure we by good gear to make the best of the tours.
  6. Thanks Sinbad10 Look forward to the Cruise
  7. Can anyone give us some tips on going ashore on your own in Andaisnes, Tromso ,Alta and Stavanger. We are in Alta for 2 nights and Tromso for 1 night and would like to do our own thing some of the days .
  8. Is any one going on R802 on Aurora on March 9 Th March2018? What do you think about the prices of the shore excursions?.Very expensive i would say .We would also like some advice on what to wear ,just how cold will it be ? we know it will be cold but would it be a good idea to take walking boots for when we go of the boat .How much snow would we expect?
  9. Could not agree more Roncyn I would not go on a cruise if new they would be on board.Most over rated people on TV
  10. we are going on this cruise on Feb 5 .After seeing your posting I can not wait to get there this will be our first trip to the Caribbean , As any one got any quick tips while we are there Was it easy to get to some of the beaches on your own .What trips would you recommend?.
  11. We are going to the Caribbean on Feb 5th .is there a problem with Mosquitos on any of the islands .We are doing 9 islands from Barbados to Antigua, St Kitts around other islands and Grenada .
  12. Hi Severn seas Great ports of call ,We did not think the Oceana was as good as good as the Ventura or the Arcadia ,the food was ok but in the main restaurant was not as good ,the menu did not change very much each night,The quality of the food was not as good as normal.Plus the dress standards at night are not being kept up. In the main the cruise was still good.
  13. HI Just got back off cruise E516 .As anyone been on it and what did they think of it compared to other cruises .
  14. Hi can any one tell me if it easy to get to Sorrento on your own .the excursions seem expensive
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