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  1. I understand that P&O are changing their policy on alcohol and dress codes. It seems that passengers are to be allowed to bring one bottle of alcohol on embarkation only. Any alcohol purchased in away ports will be confiscated and returned the day before disembarkation as is the case with duty free purchased onboard. Tightening of dress codes to ban personal logos on tops and various other restrictions. Presumably this is aimed at Hen and Stag parties on weekend cruises? With regard to the alcohol policy it seems unfair that someone embarking on a World cruise is given th
  2. naamah


    Anyone know what the ballroom dancing is like on HAL ships? Is there a dedicated ballroom and is the live music?
  3. Met a couple on a P&O cruise who proceeded to complain about the service, the food , the entertainment, the cleanliness of the ship and generally decry P&O as compared to all the other lines they had used - which they claimed to be at leas t 5 others. When i asked if this was their first experience of P&O the response was "Oh, no. this is our 6th and every one has been the same" If it's that bad why keep coming???? I believe that some people would have no conversation if they didn't complain
  4. Buying a soft drink from the Costa outlet did not qualify for a free cake on Ventura.....only applied to coffee. Offered to pay for cake but were told this was not possible
  5. Do RC operate shuttle buses in Phuket, Penang and KL and if so how much do they cost?
  6. So how will this affect the tax situation?
  7. Caught out with this on a cruise out of Venice last summer. Italian tax was levied although we DID leave the EU and visited Montenegro. Numerous email to P&O pointing this out got us absolutely no-where. Going out of Malta this year and visiting Albania. Is this in the EU?
  8. It's my responsibility to make a list of what has to go, particularly ensuring that shirts match suits and ties match shirts. Otherwise there's no saying what husband might end up wearing. After I hang things up in case order and lay out matching accessories, it's his job to pack the cases, This has been the regime for in excess of xxxxx cruises and so far has worked a treat. In addition we always "cross pack" so that if one case goes astray at least we both have something to wear.
  9. Never had a problem with the ships' services but 3 out of four recent flights with BA through Heathrow resulted in our luggage not keeping up with us. Promises made by the airline that it would be on the next flight failed to come to fruition. On one particular occasion we were told that it could not be delivered to our Edinburgh home as this is not our primary address. Had we been staying in a hotel, that would have been OK. Even suggested that if there was a hotel nearby the Edinburgh address they would deliver it there and we could pick it up. Result is that we try to avoid BA a
  10. Further to earlier posts about Entertainment Hosts on P&O attending evening dance sessions and acting as dance hosts, this no longer seems to be the case. On a recent 14 day cruise we saw no sign of Ents Hosts on any evening and when we asked why this was, we were told that this was no longer policy. However, the Dance Instructors did dance with passengers whenever possible
  11. Some time ago I found a site which gave the length of the call of all ships in various ports but i can't remember what the site was. Any help please.
  12. Forgive me if i'm wrong, Falmouthgirl, but as I understood it ,Princess awarded half value points for cruises taken on P&O but P&O don't reciprocate. Has this changed? Also we "achieved" Elite status with Princess and this has been maintained although we have not cruised with them too frequently in the last few years. Peninsular Club rules seem to be far too complicated for the benefits accrued.
  13. The excitement was building – it was almost time for the school holidays. Not only were our grandchildren excited, so was our teacher daughter. Why there such great anticipation? We were going, as a family on a P&O cruise – daughter, husband, 4 grandchildren, and the two of us. We have cruised many times over the past 25 years but this was only their second experience. From the moment we suggested it, almost 6 months before the sailing date, the preparations began. The boys had to buy new evening suits, especially the 10 year old who just loves getting dressed up. Our daughter and grand
  14. Get a life springs to mind
  15. I totally agree with WMPepper Those people who leave the theatre when the Entertainment Manager is still speaking or the artiste is taking applause annoy us greatly It is the height of rudeness. Where are they going in such a hurry - to get a front seat at another show I suspect. It annoyed one EM so much that she stopped what she was saying and said " Will you please sit-down and listen to what I have to say and not distract your fellow passengers" Afterwards she said to us that she couldn't believe that she had done that but it had just got too much for her. It needed to be said! Howe
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