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  1. Chris J

    Oriana sold by P&O Cruises

    We have just returned from a cruise to Croatia with 4 friends on Oriana. We really enjoyed the cruise. We had one small issue with the toilet system but otherwise we felt this was one of the best cruises we've been on. The food was excellent and also the service. The crew were friendly and helpful. What more could we ask for!
  2. Chris J

    "Remembrance Sunday At Sea"

    I went to a Remembrance Day service on the Adonia just before she went to be used for trial cruises taking volunteerst to assist in poorer countries as I understand it. It really was a wonderful experience. I was part of the Adonia''s singing group under the excellent direction of Geoff Fowler. He was a competent and enthusiastic teacher who brought out the best in the singers, and we had two items to sing during the service. There was also a wonderful poem about the meaning of poppies, read by one of the ship's officers who was ex-military. It was altogether a very moving experience and I was proud to be part of it.
  3. Chris J

    Which Amenities On A Cruise Ship Don't You Use?

    I never use the spa as I stretch myself to pay for the cruise I want and just can't afford to pay the extra. If I had the enough cash I'm sure I would enjoy it. I don't use the Casino for the same reason. I don't use the gym, mainly because I'm too lazy to get up for the activities which would suit me. But I do like to walk on the promenade deck and it frustrates me when I can't get all the way round. I enjoyed 2 plays on the Adonia but they were in the afternoon and it meant missing the fresh air and the sunshine.
  4. Chris J

    ITV to screen second Princess documentary

    I love cruising with Princess and was horrified by the last series. I hope the next is a better representation.
  5. Now that's interesting, Richard. Some people who had cruised on the Azura before mentioned that and the conclusion seemed to be that they were cutting back on entertainment, among other things, because of the economic crisis and reduction in fares etc. Having said that, I certainly didn't notice a shortage of passengers.
  6. Sorry. This should have had a quote but I'm a beginner at this and must have done it wrong. It was a response to a comment on the previous page.
  7. We were on the Azura last September and totally agree that they need to put on 3 shows in the theatre. We sat on the stairs on numerous occasions for the 8.30pm. People were going without their desserts and coffees to get there before it was full. On one occasion when we arrived 15 minutes before the show there were boards outside saying full up. The Cruise Director was standing nearby and I commented on how disappointing the situation was, but he just smiled and said,' Well, you can always come to the next performance.' Well, I was not impressed with his attitude. I'm afraid I don't wish to attend shows which begin at 10.30pm and I'm sure there are many cruisers like myself and the other five members of my family who are not night owls. This theatre is not large enough to accommodate the huge numbers of passengers which the Azura is supposed to cater for in just two sittings.
  8. Chris J

    Would You Travel On Christmas Day?

    My family, 6 adults, are planning to cruise the Caribbean with Ruby Princess this year but we would not travel on Christmas Day or Boxing Day as, to us, these are the special two days we like to spend together in holiday mode for whatever reason. We did notice some other cruise companies were in port on Christmas Day but we particularly didn't want to be in a position where we had to commit to something that wasn't Christmas related - exploring, on excursions etc. I feel the meaning of Christmas is lost if you are in transit . At sea I don't consider as 'in transit'.
  9. Chris J

    Wishing Away Time

    My family are busy planning a Christmas cruise with Princess in the Caribbean. I've promised myself I will not wish away time until it gets here. I think I'll have to fill time with lots of things to do to occupy my mind because time seems to me to be accelerating!
  10. Chris J

    Hi, Everybody,

    I'm Chris. It's taken me a long time to sort out how to introduce myself . I must be a slow learner. But I look forward to sharing tips and news with everyone here.