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  1. Welcome aboard Pam, we are semi-retired and moved from Buxton to Hampshire about a year ago. We are going on our 23rd cruise in December (4th this year) on Queen Elizabeth (can't wait)
  2. I think that tips should be included in the advertised price of the cruise and only removed if you have bad service. I have been on cruises where several guests have gone down on the 1st or 2nd day of the cruise asking for tips to be removed from their account. I don't feel it's fair on the hard working staff and guests wonder why the staff are not happy!
  3. Hello Ripples, welcome to the Forum, we live in Hampshire not far from the port ... we have been on 22 cruises in the last 17 years, if you need any advice please let us know...
  4. Hi Duncan, Welcome aboard, great to hear from another Scot, we moved from Lanark to Southampton in 86 and have been on 22 cruises. We like QM2 and Celebrity Eclipse All the Best James
  5. I would be very wary of parking on a private driveway ..check with your car insurance company to see if you are covered and is the owner of the driveway insured to drive you to the cruise terminal? Alternative Cruise Parking at Marchwood are very good and you are insured!!
  6. Have been on lots of cruises.... I have recently been sent emails and flyers with really good cruise offers ...... When I contact the companies they say the offers have been snapped up (within 20 minutes of them sending out the email) or it is a misprint? has anyone else had these offers?
  7. Emerald Princess is sailing from Southampton next year, have not been on this ship but have heard good reports. We are Platinum members and enjoy the Skywalkers lounge happy hour is between 1700-1900 with canapes and cut price cocktails
  8. Hi, We have just returned from our 22nd cruise. We started 17 years ago on Costa Romantica. Our favorite ships are QM2 and Celebrity Eclipse, this year we went on IOS where we had a gold balcony so that we could look look at our reflection as we sailed along the Fiords. Later in the year then we returned to Princess and had a lovely cruise round the UK and a short cruise on Crown Princess. We live near Southampton so it is really handy... The Skiers (Spending the kids inheritance sailing)
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