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  1. def great idea on all inc drinks as so exp on the American ships!
  2. thank u, I do a like cocktail and the odd spirit!
  3. hi, can u pls tell me if its worth upgrading drinks package from standard package to the classic or deluxe? Thank u
  4. I agree - this is a great idea and such an education for children
  5. Love im a celeb, doesnt matter whos really on - just pure light hearted entertainment!
  6. Thanks every1! i did do Ventura about 3 yrs ago & childrens club were all new and looked really good and i know that Oceana is slightly older and smaller than ventura but all comments seem v positive! thank u!
  7. hi i am new to cruising & thinking of doing a fly med Oceana cruise next year, can any1 tel me if this is a good ship for chioldren, as i will be taking a 2 yr old & 5 yr old!
  8. Hi, I am thinking of booking a Princess cruise, can you tell me about the tipping policy thank u!
  9. i absolutely love the new office layouts, what a fun place to work!!
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