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  1. We always dress up no matter what the evening dress code is, but on formal night we go the whole nine yards! We love to wear evening clothes as we do not get the chance in our daily lives and routine. I do not agree with posters who say they have to lug a tuxedo around and the weight restrictions etc when flying. This a poor excuse and not really worth saying as there in no restriction on luggage if you are prepared to pay the extra. There a simple answer to this. You buy the extra kilos if your luggage is overweight. Most airlines offer the chance to pay for extra kilos in advance online
  2. I have been twice, First time over 20 years ago when it was still a dessert town with an amazing souk area, and recently in 2014 whilst on a world cruise. It is now a much more built up place and the old souk area is no more. However it is really nice and not as glitzy as Dubai. Abu Dhabi is far more wealthy than Dubai as a country and it was their President , Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan; that saved Dubai from financial collapse a few reas ago . Hence the name of Burj Khalifa. It is the capital of the Emirates. Very prosperous and not all high rise buildings as in Dubai. We took a tour from th
  3. Staying in an partially obscured cabin is fine as far as we are concerned. I started my cruise life working on ships and lived in an inside cabin. Where we live in the Eastern Med is very dark at night so I have issues with sleeping if there is a twinkle of light coming in the cabin. I don't like balcony cabins although we do book them if the price is right and depending on the itinerary but prefer an obscured view. I don't like balcony cabins as we spend most of our time outdoors and as we live in a hot climate we have huge balconies we use daily so a tiny two metre on a ship is not a novelty
  4. Belated birthday wished SR. Re insurance, We just pay up and hope we never need to use it. However, after falling on Arcadia some years ago and the medivac from the ship I was glad we had paid for premium worldwide cover for our world cruise and we needed sooner than we thought we would have done. The company covered my operation, but only after we had to pay up front to the medical clinic. £10.000 was the figure we had to pay so we were lucky we had a credit card with a large amount of money available. Something that many do not think about when travelling.
  5. Japan is a fascinating country and we have been four times in recent years but always on a world cruise or you can do it on a world segment. Most ships stop at various ports in Japan including the Island of Kogashima. We have been to Kobe, Yokohama, for Tokyo. Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka Nagasaki, and Hiroshima. Lots to see and we rode the bullet train cross country to see Mount Fiji. Wonderful scenery. Japan and Asia is one of my favourite parts of the world to cruise too.
  6. This will be a good world cruise . I have sailed on a full world on QM2, ( 2012) and half a world also in 2009 . QM2 is fabulous but Cunard in general are very good at world voyages. I really love world cruising and the segments are just so different and good fun. Have a great time.
  7. Wonderful photos Richard. Thank you for posting up your adventures.
  8. Hi Guys I am here Welcome Marie B. You are in a for an exciting time Half a world cruise Well done for booking, and especially on Cunard flag ship QM2 I have done half a world on her in the past and full world cruises. My advice to you is take what ever you may feel you will need. 60 days is a long time away and a girl needs her little bits and bobs with her. In my case that is usually most of wardrobe and around 40 pairs of shoes. I would take a different outfit for most nights and cut down on the day wear as often you are at sea for a few days on end and can wear beach clothes, casua
  9. I use a gym at home four / five times a week and on a cruise I go most days. I also go to the early morning classes. As I world cruise or do month long cruises I use the gym early each morning. I get up and go straight there before breakfast. I then follow this with the 30 minute exercise class. As a person who works out regularly , I would miss doing my work out if I never went whilst on the ship, I also walk on the ship but you need different types of exercise to keep you fully fit. Most people only do it as they think it will keep their weight down when on the cruise. I have spent
  10. I think everyone should do a world cruise if they have the time and can afford one. It is an amazing experience and one that should be done when one is fit and able, and young enough to enjoy it all. Many older people take world cruises and go just for the ship, but nowadays so many younger people take the full world cruise, as it is easy to work if one has to, with the Internet etc. I have done 6 world cruises. Two were as a working member on the ship, and four were taken in very recent years. I was never bored what so ever! Not enough time in the day and it was amazing fun. I think
  11. Like Solent Richard we have sailed close by on QM2 usually on a world cruise. In January next year we will be calling at Reunion Island on our way to Australia on Queen Elizabeth I shall report back on what it was like.
  12. I guess things do change and as you say Seabrook have gone down the pan. Wonder if that's the frying pan? I had not seen them around for years till I boarded the Jet 2 flight, and they had them as a snack. There again I have lived over seas for a very long time so not up to speed on crisps really. I am no expert on Jet 2 either only having used them a couple of times over the years, but they were no worse IMO than Easy Jet who now have the most slots here for Cyprus flights especially since our National Carrier went Belly up in January this year. So long as we get there in one pie
  13. No point moaning otherwise we 'd never get to cruise. We have to get to the Uk let alone Southampton and not an easy thing to do especially with all my luggage when we go world cruising. Easy Jet charge you if you are half a kilo over weight (£10 ) so we have to pay as much as you would for a 2 week cruise in access baggage alone. I look at it as as part of the cost of cruising. Well a girl needs all her shoes with her.
  14. I think NOT! I actually flew Jet 2.com recently and there was not band playing calypso music No mushy peas and no big fat trolly dollies. I flew into Leeds/Bradford from Cyprus where I live and it was a good flight . Good on board crew, no frills, no mushy peas as I said but good old Yorkshire Sea Brooks Crisps ( they are the best crisps) I did have to laugh though when we sat down in our seats and the cabin steward said in broad Yorkshire. " Have ya paid to sit in these seats?" to which my husband replied we certainly have . ( they were the extra leg room seats) He steward said " Ya'd b
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