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  1. I saw the northern lights in Iceland something I wont forget
  2. That is a bargain i would just join her
  3. ELLEN

    Volcano Ash Again?

    i hope i can still get my flight away next week
  4. book two together then its youre 14th
  5. no , i saw on the news thoughwho had gone in and not heard of any of them really
  6. swimming with the turtles and the river tubing in the dominica is also a must
  7. i did it east in may and have to agree it was the best meal i had eat all week and the service was incredible could not fault it at all will deffinatley be returning
  8. i would never not fly like everyone is saying flying is safer then been n the roads and if you live in fear you will never get anywere
  9. i love the idea of all the different dinning options
  10. i tend to just drink with water with my main meal however a glass of presco before is always nice i agree though when warmer nothing beats a ice cold cider
  11. ELLEN


    mexico is amazing you will have a amazing time
  12. It is great i know ill be getting the best place possible to see if i can get on telly
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