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  1. MSC Virtuosa has got around the drinks with offering all inclusive, There is also an insurance company Cover for you underwritten by AXA which covers Cruises to nowhere and Around UK Cruises that appear to be on the ball with regards to actually defining what they will cover. Obviously more Companies will follow but this I believe was the first. Interestingly I believe AXA Travel Insurance may be ending next year to concentrate on their AXA Health section. https://www.coverforyou.com/faqs_travel.php also for MSC Virtuosa cruises in the UK there is this on You Tube from MSC Grando
  2. Always found MSC very good, especially the Buffet service. Different food can be found either side. Also their all inclusive is very good value.
  3. Went earlier this year with MSC, Flew out with Virgin from Gatwick and Landed Havana (Direct flight) Stayed overnight on MSC Opera also had the following day to tour. Havana (Cuba), Philipsburg (St Maarten), St John's (Antigua), Road Town (Tortola), Funchal (Madeira), Cadiz, Barcelona, Genoa then coach to Nice for afternoon flight back with easy Jet to Gatwick some 18 nights later. Bought Visa from Cubaism Ltd
  4. Don't think anyone is whinging sinbad10, just having a discussion about how P&O will recoup when they have denied prices increases for the change.
  5. Completely agree with you OWT Prices will rise although I did read in one report that A spokeswoman said, '' the set price of its cruises would not increase as a result of the change'', but added: "As with all holidays, prices can be affected by market demand.", However due to the fluid pricing we will never know. Possibly less Saver and Early saver fares offered together with perhaps a reduction of obc being offered. But in my opnion the whole concept of including in the price is about time and fair to all.
  6. the link is here https://www.pocruises.com/service/
  7. Fred Olsen state on their information sent for around Britain Cruises Quote "Important Photo ID Requirement for Around UK Cruises To ensure the safety and comfort of all guests we must insist on being able to verify each guest's identity at time of check in, you must therefore bring with you one of the following recognised forms of PHOTOGRAPHIC ID. Boarding will otherwise be denied and no refund can be offered. Passport (Can have expired within the last 2 years/EU National Identity Card/Driving Licence/Council issue travel card/Firearms licence, Citizen Card or Validate UK
  8. Use Seat Guru https://www.seatguru.com/ Boeing 787-9 (789) https://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Thomson_Airways/Thomson_Airways_Boeing_787-9.php Boeing 787-8 (788) https://www.seatguru.com/airlines/Thomson_Airways/Thomson_Airways_Boeing_787-8.php
  9. The reason the Gratuities thread goes round and round and round, is because everyone usually adds on to a post what they do, or would like others to do. Which causes posts to agree to disagree which ends up with posters agreeing to disagree !
  10. Actually did get this when booking on board with Cunard for another trip.
  11. Berthing in Red Hook should not be a problem now that NYC Ferry operates, Take The South Brooklyn route right next to Red Hook Cruise Terminal, cost same as the Subway $2.75 single Take The ferry to Pier 11 at Wall Street. see https://www.ferry.nyc/
  12. I noticed this originally after QV Refit, It has been mentioned on other forums and on Cunard's fb page by others.
  13. This has not been mentioned on these forums but it would appear that Cunard have Increased their drink prices. Shorts used to be served in 1.5oz measure and included a mixer from the Soda Gun. Now Drinks are served in 1oz or 2oz measure and a mixer from the soda Gun is an extra $1.75 plus 15% service. It does not appear that the website has been updated with the price increase of around 50% on some items (They have reduced the measure to 1oz if you compare to the old 1.5oz and add the mixer charge) Old Price on 1.5oz measure of Gordon's Gin $7.25 plus 15% service and fre
  14. A pic of the New Kettles in Staterooms and a link to the Cunard Video
  15. Pre paid cards can be frozen when used on certain transactions, as they can take preauthorisation as I said earlier, see http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/holidays/article-2710241/Find-holiday-cash-card-frozen-especially-decide-rent-car-whilst-youre-abroad.html
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