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  1. It seems another celebrity name will be throwing their hat into the cruising ring soon. This time instead of another celebrity chef, it’s Jools Holland entering into partnership with Saga Cruises. Apparently he’ll become the face of a restaurant/bar on board Saga’s new ship, which will enter service in 2019. The venue on board will be called ‘The Club by Jools’ with the cruise line looking to add some innovation to their first ever new-build. It reads that the partnership is set for an initial 5 years and that it’ll see Jools Holland perform a number of live gigs on board the ship. They’
  2. I think it will grow on me. Iona however is a small Scottish Island from what I'm led to believe however the ship is going to be far from small!
  3. I love this! MSC Cruises are adding something called Vinotherapy to their cruises soon and it sounds exactly what I need! It’s probably a clever gimmick to get people to book in the spa but who cares, it’s worked on me already, I’m sold. They’re introducing “wine-based spa treatments” starting with the new ship MSC Seaside out of Miami and then it’s being added across the fleet. It says they use the natural anti-aging and firming properties found in grapes to create face and body treatments made with extracts from wine vineyards blended with Tuscan plants and essential oils. I mean,
  4. I saw in the news that Celebrity Silhouette has now arrived in Southampton to replace Celebrity Eclipse as Celebrity Cruises’ Southampton based ship this year. A lot has been made of the change but is there much difference between the two ships? I know their both Solstice Class so does that mean they’re almost identical? If so, why is it all that big of a deal? Different name on the front but same ship?
  5. You say you have had over 40 cruises with them. I understand the upset caused by the overcharging but what about all the times it went right. why concentrate on the one negative thing??
  6. buddy


    I've just seen Holland America are another cruise line visiting Cuba. They have cruises on Veendam calling at Havana and the Caribbean and Florida which look interesting. I hope tourism seriously starts to help their economy and it gives passengers another opportunity of visiting a new place
  7. What an utter fiasco! money has been taken out of bank accounts and clients have to wait up to 7 days for refunds! i understand the upset and worry this has caused however after what happened yesterday in Manchester it certainly puts things into perspective!!!!
  8. you can buy special 'cruise' insurance where you can claim for missed ports of call. Its more expensive but it would cover you if it made you unhappy
  9. i love Fred Olsen and wondered if they were going down this route. I've been send information that they are doing the normal Danube, Moselle & Rhine area and are leasing a ship. Looks like just London departures though.
  10. Hi My relative has seen a great cruise itinerary with Voyages of Antiquity. She asked me for my advice however I dont know anyone who has been with this company. Has anybody cruised with these??
  11. Lately with P&O they have flown in artists who I must say have been first class. To think what you would pay to see these people back in the UK makes you think what good value cruising is.
  12. I've just seen pictures of the brand new Sapphire Princess. I was unaware it was specifically built for the Asian market however on closer inspection with hardly any sunbathing areas on deck and plenty of karioke booths you can see the ship has been tailormade for their needs. There is mention of clients in the UK being able to book on ther Australian cruises before she takes her place in the Far East but from then on it seems we cannot book on this ship. I'm sure it wouldnt suit our European needs however its strange to know you cant book on it. is this really the case??
  13. I've always fancied trying a Regent Cruise as I've heard such good reports from my friends who've been. I imagine them to be luxurious, relaxing with good food. I've received some information about certain cruises being 'wellness cruises' offering things like:- body & soul experiences, wraps, scrubs, tai chi, visits to mud pools, hydrothermal pools on shore etc... IT SOUNDS WONDERFUL!!!!!
  14. my neighbour has called enquired about ncl today and had it confirmed that it includes drinks for every guest in the cabin and free gratuities!!!.
  15. I have always wanted to go to Alaska. I love Azamara and knowing they are going to Alaska in 2019 has started me thinking!!! I wouldn't go all that way without doing a tour so its good they offer these options too!! I need to see who's up for it and start saving!!!!
  16. to be honest this really is not my type of ship, far too large for my taste however my family members were looking to see if they could book a short cruise just as a taster. how disappointing to not be able to see the itineraries, info about the ship etc... so far they havent booked anything!!! lost sale for RCI who should have released information!!!
  17. fred Olen are a fantastic product, I've sailed with them twice and cannot fault anything they were lovely cruises. People are put off by the old ships which is a shame however a new ship with Freds would be an immediate hit and i for one would certainly look at booking on it!!!
  18. Good move by P&O, not everyone wants the larger ships!
  19. I think its a good move for P&O. The introduction of Ventura, Azura & Britannia are great as they are new large ships with plenty of facilities however there are still many people who want the smaller intimate ship and hopefully she will call at some different ports only the smaller vessels can visit
  20. Yes my neighbour has managed to get a free place for her friend with P&O. It was free for a 3rd or 4th passenger sharing her cabin!!! its not for everyone but certainly helps with the cost!
  21. One thing I must say about Fred Olsen is they have some amazing itineraries!!! I have travelled with them and always had a great cruise with attentive staff and good food. some of my suggestions:- The Med & Sochi & the Black Sea - Oct 2016 - 30nts Central America & the Mardi Gras - Feb 2017 - 46nts Authentic Croatia with Venice - Apr 2017 - 25nts Bermuda & the America's Cup - Jun 2017 - 26nts Islands of the Aegean - Sep 2017 - 28nts Sun, Souks & Siestas - Nov 2017 - 18nts Rio Carnival & River Plate - Jan 2018 - 46nts
  22. I love Cunard and can't believe Bolsover are selling cabins for 7nts 22 July to the Fjords for just £599!! I love the Fjords and love Cunard. Just need the holiday leave!!!
  23. Yes especially as the weather in the next few days looks promising!
  24. I wonder what the feedback is from customers. will P&O gain custom or lose some??? I have been on a few cruises and love them but Im not sure I would have cruised at all after watching certain cruise programmes as they dont always come across in a good light.
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