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  1. Hi I would be happy to sail on any of the ships in the Azamara fleet, I consider them to offer a great cruise experience and considering the quality of the product ion offer they are probably the best value for money in the cruise market today.
  2. Hi Thanks for the review and I'm pleased you enjoyed the Fred Olsen experience. This line gets a lot of criticism by many cruisers because they employ older vessels but the standards on board is IMO is far better than those offered by their competitors.
  3. HI I haven't been to India so I can't comment on the value of obtaining a visa but I have read that you still have to obtain a visa even if you don't go ashore but the situation may have changed.
  4. Land Ahoy

    Hawaiin ports

    Hi It's been about eight years since I did an Hawaiian cruise so I think the situation may have changed. In Honolulu we did undertake an independent island tour which was half the price of the ship's excursion. We went to the volcanic area and had a few stops along the way and went to a beach to see sea turtles. However, the number of tour operators was limited compared to that in the Caribbean so if you wish to take advantage of these trips depart the ship early but I accept that there may be many more tour operators offering these trips now. Alternatively, there's a good public bus serv
  5. Hi As usual OWT has opened an interesting topic for debate. I have no doubts that the standard of dining on most cruise lines has declined in recent years directly in response to the low boarding fares offered by the majority of operators and this has certainly led to a greater increase in number of passengers taking this form of vacation. However, most of these passengers don't have the knowledge to know what type of quality product in the past. I used to have the majority of my vacations on ocean cruise ships but I now take the majority of my breaks on river cruises and land based hotel
  6. Hi I enjoy visiting Barbados and I too am staying overnight in early December. I have done a few excursions, some using the ship's excursion programme and some independently. I enjoyed a trip to a plantation house, having a short of the history comparing life of the owners with those of the slaves (glad these days are over, although modern slavery is still taking place) and this was followed by a trip to the Concorde museum (adjacent to the airport) where you can board the supersonic jet which travelled weekly from London to this island. I have also undertaken a catamaran cruise which in
  7. Hi Although I do feel sorry for the hard working bar staff, I expect the accountants loved the bar profits.
  8. Hi The high single charged by most cruise lines and for that matter land based holidays is often a bone of contention amongst solo passengers. It is obvious that the entire holiday industry is out of date with current living arrangements as there is more single households in the UK than there are "nuclear families". The industry bases the fares on the full occupancy of the available cabins, and probably believe that solo passengers have a larger disposable income and are willing to pay the hefty supplements. I agree with your assessment that most single cruisers are likely to have a lar
  9. Hi I do not know which ports of call this cruise is calling at so I can't answer your question. However, I would recommend that you consider using independent tour operators rather than the cruise ship's excursion programme. There will be plenty of tour guides offering reasonable priced tours at the exits of the port and in my experience they are at least as good and often better than those offered by the ship. If you just want to chill out on a beach these are also offered. If you want further specific information just browse the web (type in something like what to do in ports in the Car
  10. .Hi I do think that this venture will be successful and with the company partially owning an airline. They will be able to offer competitive fares for European and particularly UK passengers wishing to undertake a fly cruise to the using scheduled flights rather than chartered flights used by P&O and Fred Olsen. Any new alternative cruise line is always welcomed although I will not be rushing to book, I'll wait and see what the cruise ambience is on board before making a decision.
  11. Hi Welcome to the forum. I agree with your assessment and I have found that the standards on Britain's most popular cruise line have fallen and I rarely consider booking a cruise with this company. I like you, have found that many other cruise lines offer a "better" cruise experience for a similar boarding fare.
  12. Hi I am not surprised that Azamara is not using Southampton as a "home" port the majority of passengers when I have been on this cruise line have come form North America and I understand that the attraction of many European ports (eg Venice, Athens, Barcelona) offer a lot much appeal to passengers than Southampton for a pre or post cruise experience.
  13. Hi The obvious place to visit is St Andrews, take a walk on the beach (weather permitting) where the famous scene from Chariots of Fire was filmed. If you are interested in golf you will be heaven, even for a non-golfer like me it's still fascinating being able to walk around the old course and play on the putting green next to the eighteen hole. I can't remember exactly where it was in Fife but I have visited an old nuclear bunker which was to be used in the event of a nuclear war. I would also consider going to Falkirk to see the unique rotating canal barge lifting hoist (Falkirk Wheel)
  14. Hi As a general rule the cruise lines which have early boarding which allow you have lunch, I have rarely found that your cabin is available for immediate occupancy. When the embarkation is later, the cabins are usually available on boarding the ship. In my experience there doesn't seem to be a correlation between the cost of the cruise line and the availability of the cabin at the time of boarding. I have always had to wait for the cabin to be available on Azamara and NCL but on Princess and Silversea it was ready immediately,
  15. Hi I am booked on a Caribbean cruise this December and I have considered not going on the cruise. I have been to this region on numerous occasions an if the itinerary is changed due to some of the ports being cancelled due to the extensive damage due the hurricanes reeking havoc in this region and replaced by others or extra sea days I am not concerned, my minor inconveniences are nothing compared to those living on these islands.
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