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  1. Just returned from a cruise on Ventura. Never come across so many unhappy passengers as on this ship, but many long time cruisers did recommend Oceana, as their favourite ship, or a lovely ship to sail on.
  2. Just returned from a cruise on Ventura. Left our balcony for approx. 15 mins and returned to find a cigarette end had burnt a large hole in a towel over a chair and was burning a hole in the chair when we put it out and reported the incident. It then came to light that cigarette ends had landed on other balconies around ours, one of which was alight and the smell of smoke had alerted the guests in the cabin. As on other ships, smokers were specifically requested not to throw cigarette ends over balconies at the lifeboat drill. NO SMOKING ON BALCONIES IS LONG OVERDUE.
  3. Does anyone know how the system works re a pushchair and the bonded luggage system, when you fly to Barbados on P&O charter flights. Would it still be available to us from the hold quickly on arrival, or would we have to take the bus and wait for luggage to be unloaded, put onto vans and eventually delivered to our cabin?
  4. Thank you everyone for your positive and very much appreciated replies. I will now go ahead and book a table as a treat for my Son and Daughter-in-Law, who are sailing with us on their first cruise. You can now book speciality restaurants on line via Cruise Personaliser.
  5. I am sailing on Ventura in Jan with family and am thinking of booking Marco Pierre White's The White Room, but have heard that the portions are rather small and it is not worth the £25 a head cover charge. I would be interested in your views if you have used this restaurant or know of its reputation. I also believe that a tip is included in the cover charge of speciality restaurants. I this correct?
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