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  1. You are sooo lucky to live there or is it unlucky ? I am sailing on Azura for the first time on May 22 nd can't wait ! Had a hip replacement in jan and this will be first cruise since so don't really care what it looks like ha ha !
  2. Thanks , I am walking well considering just not up to hiking .
  3. More concerned about itinerary than captains . The waiters have more of an impact as I see them every day . Pit amazes me how one of the first waiters I had on Oriana , Edwin still remembers me and asks about my son by name .
  4. Thanks , I think I did the glacier on a previous cruise so will do something else. Had a hip replacement in jan so won't be hiking!!!
  5. Has anyone been to Skjolden on a cruise? Looks like a very small place . Don't know whether to book a ships tour or not ?
  6. Will hopefully visit Alaska soon but expect single occupancy will be high! Italy is one if my favourite countries ! Looking forward to Norway again in May!
  7. Will have to read it now but not on a cruise as I can never put a good book down so wouldn't do anything else if it's as good as people say !
  8. I have priority boarding on P&o O so it's not a problem for me but may as well sit waiting in terminal as at home . I am always up raring to go ! Enjoy whatever time you get there.
  9. Can't believe how people can be so dull , what are they going to do , throw their Loot overboard?
  10. Lucky enough to be on P&O Caribbean their so don't have to worty
  11. I have only cruised with 4 cruise lines so far but 28 cruises , my favourite is good old P&O
  12. So glad some people have noticed my posts , thought I was on my own. I don't mind as long as people know what smart casual means z, can be more difficult for men I suppose but polo shirts or shirts with colours are fine , just don't like t shirts with slogan etc. We all want to enjoy and be comfortable don't we .?
  13. I don't see why we should have to print our own tickets and labels so always wait for Bolsover to send them. They are brilliant cruise agents
  14. I must say that I enjoy dressing up myself and will continue to do so . The worry is that standards will slip even further with people wearing t.shirts etc.
  15. How disappointing , I enjoy dressing up . Why go cruising if you don't?
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