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  1. On our 20th P&O cruise last autumn our cabin steward asked me to opt out of paying the gratuities via the onboard account as he said they were now worse off than under the previous system. I did not do this but gave him additional cash which he apparently thought was not good enough as on the last day he was most unpleasant refusing to smile or even speak! I think the old system was much better.
  2. Hebe


    Whatever happened to the fantastic USA itineraries that travelled all the way from New England down the east coast to Florida?
  3. Hebe

    Cost Cutting

    Despite paying fuel supplements on our last cruise P&O travelled at only 14-16 knots from Southampton to the Mediterranean thus saving fuel. In the past the speed has been around 20 knots and therefore the first port was reached a day earlier. Additionally, the time in some ports has been reduced, presumably another cost cutting measure.
  4. Hebe

    Smoking on P&O

    In my opinion all of P&O ships should be entirely smoke free! I have sat on my balcony and had ash blowing in from the next door balcony. Not very nice.
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