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  1. wow aren't you a dog with a bone Sinbad, cant you just look outside your own little bubble a minute and see what is going on, of course not it doesn't then fit your own agenda. By the way the story in the independent isn't entirely accurate so don't use that as your bible. The latest information to come from ABTA and the Government is that the package travel regulations are not changing but being extended for a short while, this will mean that tour and cruise operators , where they have cancelled a holiday, can offer a Refund Credit Note initially rather than a refund, this will only be act
  2. I am booked on the same cruise and cannot stand the programme but it doesn't bother me as its not as if everyone will be wearing sequins and feathers (apart from me obviously) My partner and I booked this at launch with Bolsover but were informed of the change by them via email on the 01 August 2017 and my parents received their notification in the post so it definitely happened. Maybe you should investigate more before pointing the finger at your agent, could have been lost in the post or stopped by your spam filter. Seeing as its your one and only post I guess we wont see you
  3. see my post on your other identical post midhusband
  4. If you are travelling with P&O Cruise this is the latest advice for India sent to me by Bolsover Cruise Club If you see the bottom line I have highlighted, if you are traveling with P&O you may travel without a Visa and stay onboard should you so wish, I double checked this with Bolsover and P&O and its correct. VIA OUR RECOMMENDED CONSULAR SERVICE:- It is our experience that obtaining individual visas for India can be very difficult and, therefore, we advise that you make your application through our recommended Consular Service, CIBT (UK) LTD. As you can't actuall
  5. Well it made me laugh https://www.facebook.com/PrinceGeorgeOfCambridge/videos/886087948068810/
  6. Every card payment is handled by a 3rd party, these go through clearing banks/companies. Not just travel agents but all purchases
  7. You dont have a contract with Bolsover HLM so consumer advice have advised you wrong, when you book a cruise or a holiday you are read terms and conditions and explained you are booking a holiday under the terms and conditions of the operator and your contract is with that operator. So in this case it is P&O, Cunard or Princess. The Travel Agent is just that, an agent and acting on behalf of the principle.
  8. Hi I have been on 4 P&O cruises now and not eaten in the main restaurant on any of them. Yes its busy at breakfast time but you normally get a table quite quickly and there are plenty of serving points so not usually queuing for food. We find lunch and dinner are very relaxed and never and issue about finding a table, and food is good and varied. The busiest night in there is the Formal night believe it or not and people trying to avoid it. Afternoon tea gets busy as the gannets not wanting to miss out on the free food must be hungry again after the pile of food they ate at
  9. The first day of our holiday on Azura, one of the head waiters saw one of children not getting much from the children's buffet, he asked is everything was OK. I assured him it was, my children are just really funny eaters (I think they take after their dad). After that he insisted I meet him every night 30 mins before the buffet opened and he brought me the menu. If nothing on their for them, he something made specially, this was going the extra mile and completely brilliant.
  10. I would pay £20 per person not to be sat with Mrs Turtle for the journey, a few hours of peace and quiet
  11. Hi i have just come off Azura and the planet bar is brilliant, quiet background music during the day and a piano man at night with a singer plus the screens are brillaint for watching the world go by
  12. I cant believe it, ive just had a Charmander walk across my desk, gotta catch it
  13. Ship I have travelled on Ventura previously so knew a little about what to expect from Azura. That said the first sight of her when you arrive in Southampton is brilliant and seeing her towering over the dock buildings helps build the excitement. it is especially nice for the children Food My children are really fussy eaters so was a major concern before we went as to how we would cope if nothing on the children's buffet they liked. This happened the third night in but the Head Waiter Sunil (not sure of last name) was superb. He offered to get them cooked whatever they wanted., we arrange
  14. I agree Captain Kidd, the only lifeguard needed should be a parent or guardian especially at 8 People need to take more responsibility
  15. I have been trying to get this app for a couple of weeks now, but its not been officially released in the UK yet. I had to load my US Itunes account and get it from there Good concept I think as its getting kids who normally sit on their derrière playing games and getting them active.
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