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    linzi1907 got a reaction from harley1 in Northern Lights   
    I would love to see the Northern Lights, and Ive heard Hurtigruten are great, particulary for the amazing Itineraries they offer...
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    linzi1907 reacted to willow_12 in "hurricane Bertha" Heading Towards The Uk!   
    Oh no! Ive got a wedding this weekend! Its a good job my umbrella matches my outfit
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    linzi1907 got a reaction from rachel in East On Ventura   
    East is amazing, ive dined in their on two occassions and I have to say is my favourite Speciality Restaurant. I love the decor and the service and food are both great!
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    linzi1907 got a reaction from summer willow in Oceana   
    I dont think you can go wrong with Oceana, It was a few years ago when I was on board but I can remember the families commenting on how impressed they were.
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    linzi1907 got a reaction from WAVES in Sunshine = Thinking About A Nice Cruise Holiday!   
    I am loving this weather at the minute, makes me think about taking a nice cruise. Anyone booked a cruise recently and got a really good price?
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    linzi1907 got a reaction from Furby in Who Would You Take?   
    Gerard Butler or Channing Tatum ...yes please
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    linzi1907 reacted to Rita123 in Shore Excursions   
    Would love to do a caribbean cruise! Have a nice time Linzi1907, it'll come round quick
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    linzi1907 reacted to Jaczs in Shore Excursions   
    The sugar train is a really good excursion to see the countryside although it is sometimes prone to breaking down or if you want something more active the Fire & Brimstone (I think that's what it is called) is also good which takes you to the volcano (drive in) and then onto the sea for a costal view and a rum punch or two. Both excursions are pretty good value for money.
    Enjoy your cruise.
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    linzi1907 reacted to Loula in how much did you pay???   
    We book with Bolsover!   And you just have to pay your fare and enjoy!!!    
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    linzi1907 reacted to harley1 in how much did you pay???   
    nothing annoys   me more than getting on your cruise talking to some lovely passengers for them to suddenly turn round and ask you the most personal of questions 'how much did you pay?'!
    I dont ask them how much they earn in a year so why do you want to know how much i do!
    i paid what i paid and i was happy with it. im on holiday and want to enjoy it not be shoved down my throat that someone got it cheaper or got some more on board spend!
    I find this only to be the British passengers as the americans and other nationalities dont seem to care and they are just oin there for a good time!
    come on Brits your giving us a bad name!!!
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