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  1. Really enjoyed reading Mandy's Blog, sounds like she had a great time and the pics are great!!
  2. I agree with tj42, the wrist bands work for me everytime!
  3. Having just recently returned from a 7 night Arabian Gulf cruise on board Vision of the Seas with RCI, I would love to do this Itinerary again. Although I have to agree Khasab isn't a great port with not much to offer. I got an absolute bargain on this cruise paying only £650pp for the cruise, flights and transfers, I would happily pay this again, although P&O's prices are quite a bit more and only 3 days longer!
  4. That's really helpful OWT, thank you x
  5. Old World Traveller I would be interested in the site that you used to pre purchase the HOHO bus in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat. I am taking the cruise a week on Sunday and have had mixed reports on the HOHO Bus, some saying to book it is an excursion through RCI, and someone else advised to sort whilst on board! I'm not sure which to do for the best!!
  6. I have to admit I did watch ''Thecruise'' and found it really good, my partner and I are due to take a cruise in a couple of week, although I have cruised previously my partner hasn't, so the programme gave him a good insight as to what to expect!
  7. So, I have just booked my first cruise with RCI on board Vision of the Seas for March 2017 for the Dubai sailing....very excited! I have always wanted to holiday in Dubai, so saw this Itinerary and thought it would be a perfect way of seeing Dubai and having the cruise element also. Any recommendations/advice on places to see/visit whilst in Dubai & Oman? Thanks in advance!
  8. I have to agree with you Dpritchard - I also sailed on Oceana last year and thought she was lovely, the service from the staff couldn't have been better and the food was amazing. I think she has a very welcoming atmosphere on board. I would definitely recommend!!!
  9. On arrival in Lisbon I was so impressed with how the ship looked, although a small ship she did seem bigger than what I was expecting. It certainly had the 'wow' factor, and that was before we even stepped on board! Walking from my cabin to the ship I managed to take in the surrounding areas of the ship, and it was so beautifully decorated and very light which made it feel even more spacious. On arrival to the buffet I was again really impressed, it wasn’t like any other ship I had been on where there were crowds of people, it was very calm and the food was set out on one long station and
  10. I have to say not necessarily a main course, but my favourite desert has to be the Choc Fudge Cake in the Beach House on Ventura..Yum!!!
  11. You generally have to have an american address to be able to confirm on an American website
  12. Wow, im sure this will be amazing!
  13. Thank you all for your advice, very much appreciated
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