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  1. Thanks David that’s very helpful didn’t think of them I will give them a go 👍
  2. Hi we are doing a Transatlantic from Fort Lauderdale to Southampton and needed to know a reliable ,efficient taxi/private hire to take us to Heathrow to collect the car once we arrive back into Southampton. I know Celebrity have a coach service, which is chargeable, but as we would prefer to go by car can anyone recommend a company to take us Thanks Truckermart
  3. Thanks Davybe I have come to the same conclusion but thought i'd get other opinions, if i run into problems i will put the problem and remedy out into the forum hopefully not once again thanks
  4. Hi can anyone help regarding Canadian Esta's as we are traveling by cruise ship from San Diego to Vancouver but staying on and doing the inside passage so we are not flying into Canada but will be flying out . Some say you need an esta but when you go to get one on the Canadian gov site the only answer you get is that don't need it so is there anyone out there that has encountered this situation as I don't want problems when we get to the airport Thanks
  5. Hi everyone first look at the site so bear with me
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