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  1. Thanks for your advice, Land Ahoy. Will certainly take the time to look into other cruise lines and what they offer.
  2. Having enjoyed cruising for many years as a couple, my husband recently passed away and I wondered if anyone had any advice on travelling alone. We have always cruised with P&O.
  3. Just returned from great trip on Oceana and whilst drinks prices are fairly reasonable overall my other half did question pint of Carling priced the same as Stella . It's considerably cheaper in UK apparently. Think this may be where the company is making profit.
  4. Thanks Cruise Chef, you reinforced what we were thinking! I believe there is also something where you pay £50 a head against a future cruise and get onboard benefits- is this still happening?
  5. what are the advantages of booking future cruises onboard? The price we were quoted by our travel agent was slightly less than the brochure price so wonder whether to book through them now or wait until our January cruise and risk price increase onboard!
  6. Thanks for that. I certainly don't want to get out of paying and have always done so but just wish employees were paid a decent wage .
  7. Hi. Just signed up to forum today. We are booked on our first P&O cruise since they introduced new tipping policy adding set amount to onboard credit. Would appreciate opinions on this and do people opt out?
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