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  1. Is your room here ? http://www.cruiselinerooms.com/Site/index.php
  2. We find getting a shore excursion off ship and if 4 of you a taxi is very good, they will give you a price and show you a map of where they will take you and make shure you take USA $ and small notes
  3. When you go to the Caribbean do you go to the beach ? If so what beaches do you like best ?
  4. Few photos from 35 night cruise
  5. The guys from my forum like this new one from Bolsover https://www.facebook.com/groups/POCruises/
  6. jamescox


    I went to Manaus in 2006 on a P & O ship Artemis. This was a 38 night cruise from Southampton and back. We loved the cruise but not the ship and glad to see the ship leave the group.
  7. Just joined and Hello to all Just a photo from number 17 cruise
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