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  1. Hi What experiences have people had when in Dubrovnik or Split when paying for food and drink. Did they accept euros or only their own currency?
  2. Are you on a cruise or flying independently. If we book to fly with them to Madeira we can book seats and meals straight away. It's only when cruising does it get complicated as it's not possible to check on for both flights at the same time
  3. Hi Scranman our return flights are now up and I have actually checked in for the outbound trip today. Will have to wait for another 13 days to check in for the return trip. Thanks for responding and have a great cruise Regards Suesi
  4. Hi are you on the flight end of august. My concern is that I can't see the return flight details as yet which seems strange to me. I can actually check in from Wednesday onwards for the outward journey
  5. according to our paperwork we are with Jet 2 both ways, I have been in to see them at BCC and they looked as well, the latest story is that PO will release passenger names on the 2nd August to Jet 2 who will then enable us to book specific seats if we want to. We have already booked these for the outbound trip and can check in in 4 days. It just doesn't add up to me but its making me very nervous about what is going on. I have emailed PO twice for an explanation but have yet to receive the courtesy of a reply. Never had this poor service before.
  6. hi what about your return flight when did the details come up for that, I am still unable to see the return flight and we fly out on 30th August. Keep getting conflicting messages between BCC and PO. If I can't see the flight then I can't check in, getting a bit antsy about this now
  7. Hi its there anyone flying with Jet 2 to join Oceana on 30th August from the East Midlands please? If so have you tried to access your flight details to either book seats or see when you can log in on line regards suesi
  8. can I ask if you are flying to Malta with Jet2. If so have you looked at booking specific seats for the outbound and inbound flights at all? We are having a problem with accessing the inbound flight information, even if we don't want to book a specific seat we still need to check in on line. Getting conflicting information from PO about this at the moment Suesi
  9. Hi, I am on Azura for Christmas and new year this December and have been told that it is usual to give your steward a present on Christmas day. I am at a loss as to what I could give him/her. Can anyone help with ideas please? Suesi
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