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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to HLM in Webcams   
    I came across this webcam site recently https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/top-live-cams.html.
    Fantastic views of ports and famous sites around the world, thought I'd share.
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    ALIAFLOAT got a reaction from WAVES in Harmony of the Seas Construction Site   
    I have just come from from a three night trip to Cherbourg on Harmony. Our cabin was spacious, the staff were friendly and efficient from start to finish, and the food was excellent. The ice show was so good we saw it twice. The only problems we encountered were a few other guests : the pair of drunks sitting behind us at the first iceshow who upset those around them with loud comments. They left before the end leaving a broken wineglass on the floor, which still had red wine in it. At the second show a woman in front of me continued to take photographs despite having been told not to by a member of ataff.
    Embarking and disembarking were the quickest and least-hassle ever.
    For me it was a birthday treat which was just that.
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to Land Ahoy in Service Charges   
    Hi   I am sure I'm not the only one who doesn't begrudge paying the hard working staff a living wage and so gratefully pay the recommended tips.  Unlike a few of this forum I have never recieved bad service on any cruise although I must admit sometimes my requests could have been dealt with more promptly but these incidents didn't affect my overall enjoyment.  The "massive" rise is tips is still only £5.50 per passenger per day but the cost of parking at Southampton is greater but I don't think the owner of the land owner does a great deal to warrant this amount of money but I have yet to hear many of this forum complain about this.  I think the trouble is really down to many passengers thinking the boarding fare is the final cost of the holiday.  It isn't, we all know that tips, drinks, shore excursions, internet packages etc all add greatly to cost and these should factored into the final cost before booking. 
    PS This is my last post on the subject of tipping, it's been extensively debated on this forum and it's obvious that no consensus will ever be reached.
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to Bolsover Cruise Club in Anatomy Of Bolsover Cruise Club   
    We have created an infographic to share some 'Bolsover Cruise Club' related statistics - we hope you find this an interesting read!
    Click here to view the infographic >

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    ALIAFLOAT reacted in Mekong River Cruise   
    My wife and I returned from a Mekong River cruise last month which proved to be a great experience.
    We sailed from the Mekong Delta port of My Tho which is a short journey from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).
    The cruise ship was the Amalotus...

    ...a relatively modern boutique style river cruise ship.

    One of the good features of this cruise was the ability of the Amalotus to just pull into the river bank without any recognised berthing arrangements...

    This enabled us to really get into the heart of the countryside and meet both Vietnamese and Cambodian people in their everyday environment...


    We did of course make stops at larger towns and cities, one of which was Phnom Penh...

    ...and the other Siem Reap, from where we were able to witness the amazing sunrise over Angkor Wat...

    A full review of the journey can be found on my blog site...

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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to roymacdona in P&o Australia - Review Of Pacific Jewel Nov 2014   
    My Wife and I just returned from a 10 night cruise on the P&O Pacific Jewel so thought I'd put my our views of the experience for others who may be visiting OZ and considering doing a cruise "down-under".   
    Me/Us:- Seasoned cruisers - P&O UK only till last trip.
    Only traveled on mid sized ships IE Adonia/Aurora/Oceana/ Oriana
    AND Ocean Village 2.  
    Ages late 50s/early 60s
    The 10 day OZ cruise was part of a month long stay visiting family and travelling with my daughter and her husband and my 18 month old grandson, plus his retired parents. 
    The cruise, departing from Sydney, was named Melanesian Discovery, and went, (believe it or not!), to the Melanesian Islands, which are located off the NE coast of Australia. Taking just two sea days to reach the first port of call. 
    Firstly let me say that because you see the P&O brand do NOT assume the product will be like P&O UK. It is not.  If you go out wanting the cruise to be identical to say a Oriana trip, then you may well be disappointed.  
    If you are prepared to go with an open mind, and you can cope with ships that are family orientated and fun and where the passengers are very friendly, and mostly Aussies then read on.
    Firstly the Ship, the P&O Jewel, is of medium size, similar to say Aurora. For those of you who remember the Ocean Village ships the Jewel is actually the Ocean Village 2, which transferred to P&O Oz when P&O UK closed down the Ocean Village concept abut 4 or 5 years ago. Ocean Village 1 is also with P&O Oz and is cruising as the Pacific Pearl. 
    P&O Australia classify their ships as 3 star, and are priced accordingly, with "brochure prices" generally significantly lower that P&O UK cruise "brochure prices", and really good value deals can be found, much like the UK. Some things which you expect in P&O UK cruises are therefore not standard in OZ.
    Cabin:- The ship is well presented, and as Ocean Village Cruisers will remember the cabins are of a generous size, and as clean and comfortable as you would expect. Tea and Coffee making facilities are NOT provided in cabins. Shower gel and a soap are the only toiletries provided in the bathroom. Cabins are cleaned once a day, and our excellent cabin steward actually asked us what time we would like him to service the cabin. There is no evening turn down, so no choccies on the pillow when you get back at night.  
    Food Venues :- Food and dining are informal affairs, and similar to the UK there are one buffet and one waiter service restaurant, plus a speciality restaurant hosted by Aussie celebrity chef Luke Managan. My daughter and her husband praised it very highly after their visit, (us? we were babysitting!). Whilst booking in the speciality restaurant is essential, you can pre book a table in the main waiter service restaurant if you wish, but most people just turn up.     
    Food :- I have to compare the food to what I have experienced on P&O UK ships, and whilst the quality of the majority of the food is undeniably good, there are several areas where it falls well short of P&O UK. Firstly the buffet restaurant, the main problem is a simply lack of choice and range when compared to P&O UK. It is especially evident at lunch times. There was also a noticeable shortage of buffet staff, some of whom were to put it succinctly a little grumpy at times.  A "grill bar" provides pies, pizzas and chips in addition to the buffet, buy unbelievably unless you get you "grill bar" food before 2:30pm, you have to pay after this time. It's not expensive, only a few dollars, but very very annoying just the same. 
    Drinks :- Like P&O UK cruises, alcoholic drinks are reasonably priced, wines are of very good quality, but Aussie only. Beer drinkers will find themselves a bit more limited, most beers are of the bottled, Ice cold Lager style, Lovers of "real ales" may be a little disappointed. 
    Entertainment :- The entertainment on this ship was probably the best we have ever seen on any of our previous 12 cruises.  The "in house" team shows were superb, as were the other acts on board the ship, and the house band were very good indeed. P&O UK could do well to take a lead from them in this area.  As stated earlier it is a young and family focused ship, and as such have things like an outdoor cinema screen, Zip wires across the deck, a climbing wall on the funnel and segway scooter on the top deck. 
    Staff :- Similar to P&O UK most staff on board are of Asian and South East Asian origin, and that is no bad thing. The vast majority of staff are very friendly and obliging, however at times there are just to few (or NONE), of them. You can wait all day on an open deck, for a waiter to approach  you to ask if you would like a drink. One afternoon I sat on a sun lounger for well over 3 hours and did not see one waiter.  There are as stated before a number of staff who are simply grumpy and who act as if they really do not want to be there. Not Good.  
    Did we enjoy ourselves?
    YES, very much.
     Would we do it again? 
    Yes Certainly.
    But we will be glad get get back on board a beautiful P&O UK ship in a few weeks time.
    We'll have  a nice cup of tea in the cabin, try to remember to take the chocolate off the pillow BEFORE we go to bed.
    We will welcome he opportunities to get out the best frocks and dinner suits, and quaff maybe a little to much Gin and Tonic occasionally,  do the unashamed "people watching" and try to find out how much everyone else has paid for the same cruise, hoping, hope against hope that it was not less than us.  
    Its all very very enjoyable  :-)
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    ALIAFLOAT got a reaction from seawitch in Lisbon - Portugal   
    We had a trip from Aurora on the Black Sea cruise which we are just back from. We did a lovely trip to Cascais, the Atlantic Coast where the big waves crash in, and another lovely village called Sintra. It was a joy to see places so different from Lisbon which seems more tatty and rundown every visit, and heartbreaking to see so many buildings in urgent need of repairs. It was a half day trip to see all three, and I would recommend it as a good alternative to the city centre.
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    ALIAFLOAT got a reaction from gretamargaret in The Cruise Ship   
    Last night's episode was worse than the first. What a twit that Deputy Cruise Director is. The time may have come stop watching this for me- I just felt so uncomfortable watching it. Surely the worst advert for this cruise line. Such a shame and a missed opportunity to show their best side.
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to WAVES in Its Big Its Black But Where Is It.   
    This has to be the best comment EVER!!
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to RayO in The Cruise Ship   
    It hasn't got any better after the second episode. What are they trying to show in 22 minutes.
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to willow_12 in The Cruise Ship   
    I found it akward to watch! I thought the ship looked beautiful, but it really did give the wrong impression. For people who havent cruised before and always say that they think cruises are stuffy and snobby, this tv show just confirmed that for them and really did focus on the wrong things! oh dear
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to Harvey in Desperate   
    Good afternoon kellyohara
    It's a personal choice but I always prefer going ex UK. No luggage restrictions, no hanging around airports for hours on end and to top it all - 3 or 4 lovely sea days to relax and get to know the ship.
    Ex UK still gives you a fantastic choice of destinations. My favourites are: Venice, Dubrovnik etc.; the Baltics; the Fjords. This still leaves the Med. with all it's wonderful cities and wonderful weather.
    If you like sea days then go for:-
        a trans-Atlantic crossing. None better than on QM2.
        The Caribbean - 6/7 sea days both to and fro. (The Caribbean is certainly worth seeing - but one island is much the same as another. But - still worth seeing.)
    Fly cruise:- Hawaii is a truly wonderful cruise.
    It all depends on how long you've got for your cruise and if you prefer sea days or airports. Whichever, the choice is mind boggling.
    Best of luck - and enjoy.
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to jaguar01 in Daily Mail Saturday Supplement   
    Hello,has anyone seen the advert in the Daily Mail Saturday supplement,yes now you Know I read the Mail.
    Cruise in luxury  P and O Caribbean 14 nights inc. flights.
    The only problem is the photograph is I think Holland America Line Veendam.
    Am I sad or what.
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to cruise chef in Daily Mail Saturday Supplement   
    Well  we are all human, at least they got the photo of  ship!!!!!!
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to kellyohara in Formal Nights   
    Absolutely love formal nights! So nice to see all the ladies in cocktail dress and all the men looking swish in their Dinner Jackets.
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted in Ventura - A Venice To Genoa Fly-Cruise   
    I have now completed my full review of a recent fly cruise my wife and I took on board P&O's Ventura.
    The full review can be read here...
    Absolutely no complaints whatsoever and as a last minute choice it proved exceptional value for money.

    The itinerary is continuing for some weeks and I would suggest anyone interested give Bolsover a call.
    The entertainment was top class...

    ...and ports of call outstanding...

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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to bobradford in Arcadia - Fuel Saving Gone Mad!   
    Arcadia J405
    Have returned today from a 14 day Baltic cruise on this sleek adult only ship. The weather was fabulous, the ship generally in very good condition.
    My own feeling is that P+O food has improved over the last two years except their roast potatoes are still appalling. Now you have more options, some on each day, others varying. The meals come plated, so generally you do get a warm meal and don't have to wait while some old dear decides if she wants broccoli! 
    I prefer a good hot meal to silver service.
    The cabin was spacious, airy with responsive temperature control; the shower larger than some.
    Entertainment varied from the superb Killer Queen and the very good Reel to Reel to P+O's tried, tested and boring between the wars music. A guest act was a 1940's tribute, great for centarians! Guest singer Roger Wright was superb, Bobby Crush can still play. Some good quizzes and Christine Noble leads a good entertainment staff but new shows and newer songs are desperately needed.
    Ports - we chose this because we had not been to Gdansk and Klaipeda in Lithuania. Having done most St Petersburg tours frankly they are hard work. 
    P+O are hiking their drink prices fast, and wine sales looked notably down. Mt favourite Ice Cuvee was £26 in March, in May it was £32. We gave it a miss and bought only three bottles where normally it would have been ten in fourteen days.
    Time in ports was too short. We left Tallinn at 2.30 for a day at sea. Then to cap it all we were back on board in Copenhagen at 4.30 some 61.5 hours to get to Southampton, while we were overtaken by almost every other ship in the North Sea. Copenhagen Tivoli is great at night, but we are never there.
    Saves money paid to the ports, saves fuel and I guess they think we spend more on board. 
    Late bookers often got better cabins at half the price we paid.
    I still love Arcadia, the staff in the main are great - but P+O still needs to sort its pricing, booze prices, time in port and pricing structure out while at least bringing its main musical content into the second half of the last century. I am, by the way, 67 and there was a lower than average normal age on this cruise.
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to roseyroo in Paper Books Or E-Book Readers Or Tablet/ipad   
    do prefer a book but kindle is much more practical when on holiday
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to Gill57 in P&o Tirade   
    It's amazing how many people at breakfast will be moaning about the ship and then in the next breath announce what cruises they plan to do on it next!
    A cruise or any holiday is what you make it. Things happen, things go wrong. I refuse to let any disappointments (within reason of course) ruin my precious time on board.
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to sheila in Customer Complaint   
    Just love these complaints. They are always good for a chuckle though.
    Someone on our recent cruise complained that the Barrier Reef was under water and therefore, could not see it.
    Also overheard a comment from an adjacent table whereby a chap was telling his table companions that he felt the bump as we crossed the equator.
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    ALIAFLOAT reacted to Harvey in Customer Complaint   
    It's the 'breeding' part which is the worry.
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