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  1. Hi- I booked tickets for the ballet in St Petersburg with Tripashore. Surprisingly it turned out to be exactly the same outing as the one sold by P&O, using same transport etc. Both charging the same price. Not quite sure how that happened, but we only came back from that cruise on Aurora on 16th July. It might be worth having a word with Tripashore, as one of their selling points is 'smaller groups'. Our outing to the ballet was wonderful (apart from loads of people making videos on their ipads etc instead of watching the performance. Happily these were not from our party, but the first
  2. I thought that was Oriana? There were certainly plenty on board her when I went on her. I have been several times on Arcadia, and always found it a total joy. Enjoy your cruise!
  3. I did see one man with a screwdriver, doing something technical, but never saw anything half-buillt, or not finished. Not sure where that might have been- we didn't go to nightclubs, so can't comment on them. Central Park was wonderful. Papers love bad news, not always bothered about accuracy!
  4. I have just come from from a three night trip to Cherbourg on Harmony. Our cabin was spacious, the staff were friendly and efficient from start to finish, and the food was excellent. The ice show was so good we saw it twice. The only problems we encountered were a few other guests : the pair of drunks sitting behind us at the first iceshow who upset those around them with loud comments. They left before the end leaving a broken wineglass on the floor, which still had red wine in it. At the second show a woman in front of me continued to take photographs despite having been told not to by a mem
  5. We went on Adonia last year for the first time- what a wonderful ship! So sorry it is no longer an option. If she came back I would love to cruise on her again.
  6. Going out for a wander around the prom deck first thing in the morning is one of the highlights of a cruise for me. I love watching the early light on the water- and it makes breakfast taste even better afterwards. Likewise I really love the Crow's Nest area on ships.
  7. Sounds very interesting- just a shame about some of the staff.
  8. We had a lovely cruise on Oceana in February this year. It was a lovely size. Most enjoyable.
  9. We had a trip from Aurora on the Black Sea cruise which we are just back from. We did a lovely trip to Cascais, the Atlantic Coast where the big waves crash in, and another lovely village called Sintra. It was a joy to see places so different from Lisbon which seems more tatty and rundown every visit, and heartbreaking to see so many buildings in urgent need of repairs. It was a half day trip to see all three, and I would recommend it as a good alternative to the city centre.


    I have booked to go on Adonia next May- looking forward to a new experience after many Aurora cruises. This cruise was chosen because of the places we will be visiting. I'm sure it will be a joy- shall report back after the event!
  11. I was also on the Black Sea cruise- I enjoyed Clare Langan playing the flute as well. I had seen her on QM2 before, and I thought she was even better this time. It will all sound much better when they sort out the technology in the Curzon- for me it was often uncomfortably loud.
  12. Yes Pesky Pirate. There are many evenings when there is nothing at all of interest. So many programmes seem to have been shown for so long. They may have been good once, but not when still going years later...Moan moan! So glad to pick up a book...or talk to the dog.
  13. Last night's episode was worse than the first. What a twit that Deputy Cruise Director is. The time may have come stop watching this for me- I just felt so uncomfortable watching it. Surely the worst advert for this cruise line. Such a shame and a missed opportunity to show their best side.
  14. It's one of those programmes- you know in advance it will make you cringe, and it did just that. Some ghastly folk on board- enough to put anyone off cruising. Shall watch the next episode with interest.....!
  15. I did a lovely trip by coach to a park, then onwards by small boat on river into the heart of Pisa. It was a magical sunny day- and the hot chocolate in Pisa was almost thick enough to stand a spoon up in. I remember the day as being one of the best on the cruise. It was a P&O trip, so enjoyable I would love to do it again.
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