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  1. I should have said main holiday months. It usually works out better value than two or three single policies and also covers any UK breaks which also look unlikely in the foreseeable future. Never mind. The garden is looking great and I have, for once, seen it’s progression instead of coming home and deadheading the flowers I’ve missed!! Seeds got sown early and are thriving from the constant attention. Also, we have managed to re-decorate three rooms when the sun wasn’t shining. So some absolute positives. Lucky to live on the edge of the countryside with loads of green spaces and open
  2. Interesting thread which I have only just picked up. In March, I contacted Saga about our annual insurance, renewed at end of February and they were extremely dismissive - no refund, no extension - travel could be undertaken later in the year so the policy would still be in force. April/May are our holiday months so that’s lost. I shall remember the aforementioned companies when looking for insurance next time.
  3. Thank you for that. 🙂 Just so many ships doing nothing, we couldn’t imagine there were enough berths for them all.
  4. I was looking on vessel finder to find current position of Arcadia as we know someone who is on it for the world cruise and we were wondering where all the ships can possibly be berthed whilst the cruises are cancelled. Might be a daft question, probably answered somewhere else on the forum.
  5. Has anyone been on Saga’s Spirit of Discovery? If so, what’s the verdict? It looks lovely from all the promotional material.
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