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  1. towny44 & Dancing Queen As a follow up on that issue, when cruising with Princess we always take up the £75pp ‘Future Cruise Deposit’ option because they will credit your onboard spend with a varying bonus amount, this will range from $15 to $150 per cabin depending on your cabin status and length of cruise. This is returnable if not used within 2 yrs. The £75 can also be used as a cruise deposit when booking with Bolsover. We did this in June 2017 when on Crown Princess in Norway, booking a future cruise to re visit the Baltic 2018 on Sapphire Princess but this time taking
  2. HLM Well, I would agree if as you say, most cruise lines, including P&O change their prices almost ‘hourly but I am not familiar with what you describe. Our cruise experience has mainly been with Princess and yes, I have seen price fluctuations but never, ever seen them vary in the manner you portray. I also agree that P&O will want to make up any shortfall but if they shift the burden and spread it over the basic cost of the cruise, isn’t that what many people are asking for on these forums? Namely, pay the staff a proper wage, not dependant on tips and to see a return
  3. towny44; I don't feel at all confused by the cruise line strategy. On the contrary, I'm very clear on what they are about. My previous posts would tell you that with the exception of the one P&O cruise we did 6yrs ago I always stop the auto grats and tip where we consider appropriate. My point was that some posts were suggesting that P&O, having taken off the £7 daily auto tip were or may try to re- coup it via increases on the base cost of the cruise and I had not seen that anywhere. (Subsequent posts seem to support this insofar as P&O do not plan any immediate increases)
  4. Towny & HLM Am I missing something here??? Re P & O; where or when have they said that their prices after May 2019 will increase to reflect/balance/ account for the scrapping of fixed 'discretionary'! gratuities? I may well have not seen details of their cruise programme post May'19 but my initial understanding was that there would be no price increase as a result of the changes they were proposing. Although not a great fan of P&O, sailed only once (Azura 2012) which however, was pretty decent. Because P & O policy at that time was that all gratuities staye
  5. Davybe Well, I suppose they could first take out what cash they wanted, then seal the envelope and hand it in. I do feel the explanation re tipping given to us by our young waiter in the Steakhouse was credible. We saw him quite a lot and looked after him because we always got great service with a smile from him. There was no one else present when we spoke, I think he trusted us and I believed him. Our very first experience was a cruise and stay with Thomson. We were greenhorns to cruising really but because of all the stories associated with tipping I asked our cabin stewardess
  6. Davybe, What I can tell you about Princess tipping system is that THEY decide who gets what as THEY distribute it throughout the fleet as THEY see fit. My objection has always been that the decision to reward someone who has given us excellent service has been taken from me. Now, and because of this, I will never really know just who gets it, or how it is allocated, and in what proportions. I take exception to that and always stop the auto gratuity. However, for what its worth let me relate a conversation we had with a really nice waiter who served us on the occasions last year
  7. Hi Sinbad Re the claim by CarnivalPrincess that they know for a ‘fact’ that there is a list of non-auto tippers pinned up in crew quarters. I just do not believe it. HLM’s response to you is prob correct in that no one really knows but let’s try to look at it logically; If there is such a ‘list’ then it must have been prepared by the admin. staff at customer services desk with access to this sensitive and confidential information. Because they surely would not do it off their own bat, then someone preparing and supplying this must have been authorised or had permission to
  8. How do you know this? Perhaps while you're at it you can also tell me what the administration staff who presumably supply the crew with this 'list' are hoping to achieve by letting every crew member, whatever their position have this information?
  9. Sorry Towny44 but I’m with HLM and Sinbad10 on this one. You said that if people couldn’t afford the autograts then they shouldn’t cruise and were 'freeloading'. Probably like me, most people who cruise CAN afford it. My objection is to cruise lines (in my case Princess) applying a ‘GRATUITIES/SERVICE CHARGE’ and then spreading it across the fleet as they see fit. I do not see that as being a charge that bears any relation to the service I have been give on my particular cruise. It is clearly just another attempt to increase the charge to the punter while keeping the ’Headline Cruise
  10. Hi DottieAnne We too are cruising Princess next July (our 11th with them so we clearly are happy) I do read everything on the forums but do not engage a lot.. However, I have made similar comments before on this ever recurring topic. My beef with Princess is that tips are NOT distributed on the ship we are sailing on but are distributed by Princess to whoever they choose and at whatever rate or amount they choose. Below is an extract fromPrincess tipping policy and I have enboldened the relevant phrases. If this not a "gratuity" but in truth a "Service Charge/Surcharge
  11. Hi Ketteringhamc If you are on PO CRUISE and remove gratuities in reception so that you can do your own gratuities do the staff ( Cabin stewards, waiters etc) know your name/cabinnumber. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I cannot answer that but have read some posts that state that the cabin staff are told when someone ha
  12. We have cruised with Princess on nine occasions, and sailing again with them in June on Crown Princess. My first task is to stop the auto gratuities at the Main desk. I didn't always do so, but then some years ago read the small print on the Princess gratuities policy and (in essence) it went something like this; “our staff go that extra mile to provide you with first class service. Your gratuities are ‘pooled’ and then distributed throughout the company to reward our entire service staff for their efforts”! This undoubtedly makes it a service charge being applied as a means of keeping the
  13. Just completed cruise number twelve, 8 of which have been on Princess and 1 on P & O. We quite like the Princess model (although on this latest one on the Emerald to Canaries, the general standard and presentation of the food was disappointing) but I hasten to add, the service was first class. However, Princess policy on tipping states that the 'gratuity' is a recognition of the service given and is distributed throughout the entire fleet! I'm not comfortable with that as I feel tipping is a way of rewarding the exceptional service you have personally received. I would be much happier i
  14. We enjoy Princess and have cruised six times with them but really dislike their tipping policy. We always stop it and for this reason; my understanding from the small print is that your built in gratuity on a Princess ship is used by Princess to spread across the entire fleet. This is not the case with P& O who state that ALL tips are used to reward the staff and crew on the ship you are sailing on which is why we do not stop the fixed gratuity when sailing with them. I would rather pay the proper price for a cruise and then tip accordingly after that on the basis of the quality of serv
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