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    suenneil got a reaction from Davybe in Congratulations to Bolsover Cruise Club   
    It was lovely to read that the Bolsover team have won 2 more awards  Best Independent Travel Agency and Best Cruise Holiday Retailer.  Congratulations to all, no other club comes close to your customer service.  It is well deserved 
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    suenneil got a reaction from Davybe in Renewing a Passport.   
    Hi  we have just renewed our passports online and had 9 months left to go.  They do still let you do this and we have 10years and 9 months on the shiny new passports.  However both passports went to different offices, had we gone to the post office they would have gone to the same office.  Both photos had a white edge showing, hubbies was accepted but Newport chucked my photo out.  Took a lot of prising that info out of them, dealing with HMRC is easier than the passport office.   The post office is quicker.
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    suenneil reacted to TrentAnn in lest we forget   

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    suenneil reacted to smtcan in The Edge Sea trials   
    I’m not sure how anyone can really have opinions until they have sailed on her.  Given the high prices I doubt if we will be among the passengers, although she seems to have some interesting features.  The emphasis seems to be on suite passengers.
    The outside of a ship has no impact on my enjoyment.  It is what is inside that counts.
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    suenneil reacted to DavidH in The Edge Sea trials   
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    suenneil reacted to Davybe in The Edge Sea trials   
    Unfortunately most of us will not be paying the prices they are asking to see the inside....Davybe
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    suenneil reacted to cruise chef in Was BoJo Right   
    It is a case again of not being able to say anything about anyone. Boris has his own views which he has voiced, others may think the same but either keep it to themselves or only say it to friends in the confines of their own homes. Donald Trump seems to be able to get away with it!!!
    Lets be all honest and put it in perspective it seems OK for some but not for others, I don't see that someone standing in the street with a megaphone forcing their beliefs on the passers by seems to be stopped.
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    suenneil reacted to towny44 in Was BoJo Right   
    I believe that political correctness has gone way too far and too many people now seem to want to jump on any politician or celebrity who has said something that, in their narrow minded view, might cause offence. If this is allowed to continue then we are in danger of stifling free speech altogether, and I certainly do not want to live in such a puritanical society.
    As for what Boris said, I think you would need to be very thin skinned and far too sensitive for his comments to do more than raise a wry smile.
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    suenneil reacted to Tally in Service Reward Programme removal letter   
    You're quite right. There are those who pay the tips, those who object to paying them and those who don't pay them. We are never going to agree but someone always starts a new thread.
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    suenneil reacted to cruise addict in Service Reward Programme removal letter   
    To save all the problems and people getting annoyed and upset just include the tips in the fare. End of problem.
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    suenneil reacted to Davybe in Service Reward Programme removal letter   
    Having seen the deserted tables both on P&O and Celebrity on the final night, the number of people who have the need to eat in the buffet or book the speciality restaurant ,rather than face the staff that have served them well for the cruise, are cowards in my mind, have the balls to tell them why your not paying.
    P&O are in my mind quite correct in asking why your not paying the tips, to many people are back stabbing the crew IMO.....Davybe
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    suenneil reacted to Captain Kidd II in ARE THEIR PASSENGERS P&O'S WORST THING   
    I believe that there is a "moaning" culture about P&O which stems from them readily giving additional on board spend, bottles of wine, gifts, etc to keep their customers happy - in the past. In 2010 we noticed passengers only had to moan about any little thing to receive something, whilst on board. We were given a bottle of wine for some very trivial issue in one of the restaurants and this kind of generosity can only lead to people jumping on the band wagon to get some kind of recompense - probably the same people who do not like tipping!
    More  recently  the officers can no longer be as generous whilst the passengers are on board so, I think, folk complain even more as they are no longer receiving the goodies.
    As Davybe says, it is often the very same moaners who book time and time again on the same ship so the line cannot be as bad as they make out. Perhaps it is just a case that dome people are only happy when they are moaning 🤔
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    suenneil reacted to Spadger44 in Would you pay to reserve your sunbed?   
    I think the only way to reserve a sunbed or indeed a theatre seat aboard a cruise ship is to sit on it.
    If you leave it, then someone else can use it, and you will need to find another one ( which under this system would always be available).
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    suenneil reacted to Tally in Would you pay to reserve your sunbed?   
    I don't use the sunbeds on the ship as I don't enjoy lying in the sun. Reading the number of complaints from people on forums about passengers reserving sunbeds on ships I think it's a good idea. However I can just imagine the outcry from people about another 'rip off' from P&O.
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    suenneil reacted to towny44 in Credit card surcharge disallowed?   
    The RCI group only require payment 8 weeks before the cruise, and via Bolsover they have always accepted credit cards without a fee, as well as only wanting 10% deposit.
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    suenneil reacted to Captain Kidd II in Credit card surcharge disallowed?   
    Correct me if I am wrong but Bolsover are no longer charging for using either a credit or debit card. With this in mind it is much better to now use a credit card to pay the holiday bill as you are better protected if there are any problems.
    i know some companies have introduced an admin charge but, according to Bolsover staff, Bolsover do not. 😊😎
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    suenneil got a reaction from Furby in Airlines Worst & Best   
    Hi all, shorthaul we use Jet2, they are usually on time and their seats do NOT recline and come with 22kg allowance.  we try to use British Airways as a first choice for long haul  and if we can use Avios we do, however if not possible then for the Far East it would be first choice Etihad and then Emirates.
    We did like Monarch for short haul but sadly no more. will never touch Ryanair.
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    suenneil reacted to iknowlescourier in Airlines Worst & Best   
    It's not so much the airlines that I have experienced problems with, more like the passengers. Hate it when people in front of me want to recline their seats. My knees are usually touching the back of their seat already, so when they try to recline I resist so that their seat won't go back. I don't see why I should have to squash up so that they can stretch out. One time my wife had to have words with a woman behind us who had the tray down and was playing Snap on it with her child, slapping their hands down hard on the tray!! 
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    suenneil reacted to HLM in Sunbed wars are raging   
    The annoying thing is that most cruiselines do have a policy, problem being is they simply fail to enforce it.
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    suenneil reacted to MikeLowry in Sunbed wars are raging   
    Rant, incoming.
    Why, oh why, do people think that it is okay to reserve sunbeds with towels, books or whatever else they can find? They hog the bed from early morning until late afternoon, often without actually even occupying it for any length of time. They go for lunch and can be gone for up to 2 hours, all the while their holiday read marking their territory in their absence. What I also find annoying is that none of the staff seem to do anything about it and clearly the signs aren't doing anything. Maybe it's time the cruise lines introduced stricter policies - anybody reserving a sunbed for over 30 minutes gets their favourite book or sunglasses thrown overboard! (Repeat offenders could follow their belongings in my opinion...) 
    The saddest thing about it is that you almost feel like taking a 'can't beat them, join them' approach is the only way to guarantee yourself a bed! We found ourselves without a sunbed several times on our recent cruise, unless we were by the pool with our towels at 6.30am and who wants to do that on holiday? 
    It infuriates me! 

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    suenneil got a reaction from Sea Cruiser in first time from Southampton   
    thank you all,  we have looked at all your suggestions, at present we have booked the Hilton Ageas Bowl with parking transfers and breakfast.
    now to study the excursions for this trip.
    merry Christmas to everyone
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    suenneil reacted to Oldworldtraveller in MSC ?? do I or dont I book   
    Cruised on both Splendida and Opera. Food and service has always been good. Avoid the school holidays as they attract a lot of families with children.
    As for the loyalty program I gave them details of one of mine and now have top tier (Black) membership.
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    suenneil reacted to P&J in Booking your next cruise onboard   
    Something we have never done - always used BCC but talking to fellow cruisers some say you get a much better deal. If anyone has booked this way, what sort of discount should you expect?
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    suenneil reacted to Davybe in First timers   
    Welcome to Forum queby .
    We are big fan's of Celebrity but those drink packages are not free?? Good value for some who drink a fair amount  ,and bad value for those who drink very little, .I found it convenient to have a package and would consider buying one as you are not faced with a bar bill to pay at the end of the cruise...Davybe
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    suenneil reacted to Oldworldtraveller in How much did you pay???!!   
    How much did I pay "Bought it for £200 on E Bay'.
    What do I do for a living "Nothing, unemployed and on the dole".
    You get some great reactions 
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