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  1. We have been through the Suez Canal twice, it was a very memorable experience. It takes all day but the scenery is for ever changing, and an on board commentary, keeps you informed whenever an interesting place is approaching. We would recommend this trip to all cruisers. Elderlycruiser.
  2. Elderlycruiser, My wife and I have sailed on 50 plus cruises, some with P & O and a few with Cunard. In my experience you will always find some people who will complain about almost anything, they just seem to enjoy complaining. My wife and I think that both companies do their best to ensure all passengers get the holiday of a life time.
  3. My wife and I have just returned from a cruise on Oceana, we chose freedom dining because we like the freedom to dine when and were we like. Most evenings we dined in the Plaza, because they had great theme menus. But on Formal evenings the feeling of dressing up and dining out was tainted by the fact that some passengers did not even have a jacket on, some worn jeans and a T-shirt. Would it not be possible to ask P&O to insist that on Formal evenings a mini standard of jacket and tie is required throughout the ship. What do other cruisers think, go idea, bad idea?
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