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  1. Our experience with princess has always been very good hence we earned elite status.us cruises are probably of a higher standard because Americans will not accept low standards.when we have done us cruises we have been very satisfied. The elite lounge is not advertised admission is by elite cruise card but it is not like royal Caribbean drinks are charged cocktails are a reduced price,there is also free orderve table. We get a free mini bar set up which is very nice orderves delivered on formal. Night priority tender boarding sepARate cocktail party and free laundry. We could not
  2. We are elite and cruised on sapphire in April.We were very disappointed food menus had been seriously cheapened I had chicken and soggy chips on two nights entertainment was best seen as poor and drinks prices impossible and then18 %. The elite lounge every night was complaints. We have never had this experience on princess before we hope they wake up before untold damage is done.
  3. Does anyone like me regret the loss of the chocoholics buffets. They were always very much looked forward to appreciated and enjoyed by almost everyone on board. The kitchen staff always seemed to enjoy them as well judging by the big smiles as a result of all the compliments and praise heaped upon them.
  4. Totally agree we love formal nights
  5. Totally Agree with all you have said. We will not cruise with any line who does not have formal nights. Just as a matter of interest l do not possess a pair of jeans nor never have for the very reason you have described.
  6. Totally agree,we had an illness in Florida and large amounts of money had go be paid there and then. BA were wonderful and scheduled on the first available flight The insurance paid for everything. If we had to stay I fear to think about the amount of money we would have had go find.
  7. Best Advice just go with the flow. you are about to have a wonderful exciting and memorable experience. Beware a serious health warning you are about go catch a very expensive disease Have a wonderful time.
  8. 46 days for us. We always booked long in advance and all worked very successfully for a long time until illness struck and we had to cancel three cruises We are now almost recovered but we are finding that cruises we would like are sold out and we are having to take what is available and the prices for available cruises are amazingly high. I just thought that someone would like to know about both ends of the story.
  9. We have just returned from Azura and all was good but I have to. Confirm that wine waiters are in process of being removed and some people did not get their wine until they had finished their meal.
  10. Just returned from Azura. had several Costa coffees. But were never offered cake of any sort
  11. Booked Brittania for the fjiords in June this year. first time on Brittania. Heard a lot but will form my own opinion when I am there
  12. In your dreams. they will continue to increase prices as always.
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