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  1. P&O could you please have a promenade deck where non smokers could sit after dinner in the evening and not be surrounded by stale tobacco and fag ends.
  2. I feel we should all make the effort to dress up otherwise we are playing into the hands of the "cant be bothered to dress moaners,".If you dont want to dress up go on NCL as its completely casual.There are cruise ships now to suit every taste so pick the right one for what you want and stop trying to change everything.
  3. Yes they do the excursion booklet has the luggage labels inside
  4. Yes you have my sympathy on that one.Had the same problem several times with Royal Caribbean.The cruise lines really need to look at this problem of "information centres" that dont seem to have any information when we enquire This reflects badly on the product and needs addressing quickly!
  5. Yes it appears that Celebrity is pandering to the sloppy Americans and the younger "future" cruisers.Well I will vote with my feet and stay with the cruise lines who keep formal nights.There are generally only 1 every 7 days on most cruise ships anyway. Bye bye Celebrity hello P&O.
  6. Yes it appears that Celebrity is pandering to the sloppy Americans and the younger "future" cruisers.Well I will vote with my feet and stay with the cruise lines who keep formal nights.Bye bye Celebrity hello P&O.
  7. This was our first time on P and O wow what a beautiful ship.I agree totally with Peter about the lack of stairs adjacent to the lift lobbies.I would also ask what would it be like in a proper emergency?To be guided by staff via the crew stairs is all well and good for safe conditions but in a real life threatening situation it would be a shambles.Hopefully this will never happen but.Finding the Orient dining room each evening was something of an adventure and there were always lots of others behind us with the same problem.We enjoyed the limelight club on 2 evenings,very intimate atmosphere a
  8. As already seen on this topic some people do not have a mobile phone or the know how to make the app work (me included).I agree with many responders that a piece of paper is very assuring although many people do not have the means to print off a ticket(me again).I will ask my booking agent to send me the ticket until that comes to an end and then worry about technology!! hehe!
  9. The problem with specific boarding times arises when going by coach.People on the coach have greatly varying times so some will arrive after their boarding time and some will have a long wait.Travelling independently allows a more accurate arrival time.There will always be the"me me mes" who want to be first aboard and when several thousand people are involved its a logistic nightmare if people dont cooperate with the cruise companies advice.
  10. Thats good to know,thanks.I am diamond plus and was considering the purchase of some RCI stock to improve my perks,seems it doesnt after all.Very sneaky RCI
  11. I would say persevere.My wife took me on my first cruise on Voyager in 2002 and it wasnt for me.She booked for the Splendour in the Med and I have been hooked ever since.Sometimes picking the right ship for You makes a BIG difference.
  12. Done this lovely cruise many times in the past aboard Brilliance and Serenade.Great weather,great shopping.Splendour is a lovely ship but smaller than the above.Dont be tempted to try this cruise with Costa I made that mistake in January.Lovely ship but the Italians couldnt run a P up in a brewery. You have been warned!
  13. My theory is that RCI s loyalty scheme has come round to bite them in the bum.Because they have so many members Diamond and up receiving free drinks in the evening before dinner the number of guests paying for drinks is diminishing rapidly.Last year I was on a RCI ship and of the 2150 guests on board there were 600 diamond and plus members receiving this very nice perk.
  14. Yes I read the same information in the Sunday Times Travel supplement.Maybe when Mr Fain sees the balance sheet after 12 months of his new policy he will change his mind.I have to wait for the last minute deals because I travel on my own occasionally and have to pay for 2 people so when the price halves then I am paying the full price in effect.I dont mind this and maybe Mr Fain could introduce single travellers fare at the brochure price but not x 2 when late booking.That way he is not "damaging the brand integrity" on late bookings!
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