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  1. A very good point Twomagpies.
  2. Hi MG16, your story illustrates very well the point I am trying to make. Had the elderly couple been told at the point of booking that tables for 2 had been oversubscribed and that they would be put on a wait list then they would have been aware that it was quite probable that they would not get one and could have reconsidered whether they wanted to go ahead with the booking or not
  3. Hi Buggalugs. I am not advocating that cruise lines revert to tables for 2. I understand that many people prefer shared dining. Many however do not. I am just suggesting that the situation could be mangled better than currently . To Sammy Sun I am glad that freedom dining has always worked for you. I would suggest that that may be because you are on occasions willing to share. We have had vey mixed experiences with table for 2 requests on freedom dining. Sometimes it has been great but on others as in our two most recent cruises (Britannia &Caribbean Princess) we have been left with a pa
  4. I too have experienced tables for 2 which are very close together. There is however the knowledge that it is a table for 2 and separate from the adjacent tables. This has a subtle psychological impact in that you do not feel obliged to make conversation with those next to you but can do if you so wish and can do on a casual and intermittent basis whereas if you have been allocated a table for 4 say, you feel obliged to make continued conversation throughout the meal.
  5. Thanks for your comments Oldworldtraveler. I appreciate that space is at a premium with regards to configuration of tables and getting a good balance of table size will be challenging. My point however is about the allocation of the current configuration of tables for 2. Carnival UK tell me that this is the sole responsibility of the Maitre D. When asked how he came to his decisions they couldn't tell me. When asked if I booked as soon as the brochures came out would this guarantee me a table for 2. Again the answer was no. This to me is not acceptable. The fairest way would be to allocate on
  6. The demand for tables for 2 on Cruise ships has increased dramatically in recent years and it would appear that the cruise lines have not reconfigured main dining rooms to cope with this demand. It would appear that in most situations the only way to guarantee a table for 2 is to opt for freedom dining. This very often however is not the ideal solution with on many occasions inordinate wait times via a pager issued. I understand the difficulties the various cruise lines can have with this what I cannot understand is their current attitude to it. I will narrate my following experience with C
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