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  1. Hi Richard and welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you're having trouble. To upload images, go to 'More Reply Options' or 'Use Full Editor' below the text box and attach them as files. Hope that helps! I will get back to you on your signature bar issue as soon as I can. Thanks Lucy
  2. This community has been created so cruise enthusiasts have a place to get together to find information, share information, and share general stories and chat about cruising! On our forums, information is predominantly provided by you, the community, with a small input from our administrators and moderators. Please bare this in mind and adhere to these forum rules when participating in and starting discussions. We take the 'Be Polite' rule seriously and do not tolerate rudeness or abusive behaviour. Any member who is purposefully disagreeable or disruptive may be banned without warning
  3. We are the Cruise Club Forum, a discussion site dedicated to cruise news, discussions, reviews and general chat! We want you, the community, to get the most out of the Cruise Club Forum's discussion boards, and for them to be a fun place full of constructive conversation, where you can ask for help, or share your experiences from the world of cruising. Topics can range from favourite cruise lines, ships, itineraries, destinations, best cruises for families, solo cruises, funny experiences, reviews and more. How do I join? To join, click the green ‘Create Account’ button on the to
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