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    cruisemad reacted to Bettyboo in To Tip Or Not?   
    I think all cruise lines should include it in the fare then no one would be able to opt out.
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    cruisemad reacted to David in Tables For 2   
    There seems to be an assumption that privacy is the only reason for a table for 2. My wife and I don't like to sit around for a long time and since the meal proceeds at the speed of the slowest we have often spent over 2 hours on a meal when we have other things that we want to do.
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    cruisemad got a reaction from DavidH in Gratuities, I Would Like Your Views On This Subject.   
    Personally I would prefer to see gratuities included in the price of the cruise which would stop those who leave gratuities on
    their account subsidising those who remove them.
    We are not stupid enough to believe that these are 'gratuities' in the true sense of the word but a contribution to the salary of the staff.
    I doubt that this system will ever change, the 'American' culture which dominates cruise companies in the UK is too ingrained.
    Even though Azamara includes gratuities in the fare price there are always threads on the Azamara Cruise Critic board concerning how much extra to tip.
    I prefer the auto gratuity route, I dislike handing over envelopes like 'Lady Bountiful' on the final evening, somehow it seems demeaning to the people who
    have helped make my cruise so enjoyable.
    I'm sure many will disagree but that is how I feel.
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