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  1. Well hopefully there will be some good deals to get it filled.
  2. Not a wheelchair user but have previously been with mother in law who was. It was great service and plenty of help on hand.
  3. Just trying to work out what you would need to drink and how much, just to make it worth while. Does anyone no how successful it was. I'm guessing it was fairly popular.
  4. I have to say our flights and the whole fly cruise experience went without issue. Which was good really as it was our first fly cruise. If there had have been problems it would put me off
  5. The fjords are better equipped for ships running LNG where as at the moment the Med and other areas are not. P and O have apparently invested heavily in Barcelona and will have their own passenger terminal. I guess that Iona will be based out there in a few years when things are properly up and running with LNG as they are committed to cleaner fuels.
  6. When I did our outbound I couldn’t see the return but I have been on today and see that they have already allocated our return seats even though I can’t check in until tomorrow.
  7. Try Jet2.com/pocruises this worked fine for us and we were allocated seats together for the out bound flight on the 16th and also for the return which we can check in for tomorrow.
  8. Well I'm not a suit person and only wear an evening suit really when on a cruise. So I hope they don't stop formal evenings. Also I've just been and purchased a new one in the sale hopefully P and O can make a decision sooner rather than later I may be able to get my money back! Our last few cruises we have always done freedom dining and have got to enjoy it.
  9. Not had any issues we are flying to Malta with Jet2. All checked in for the outbound. Will do the inbound nearer the time. Hope this helps
  10. Go commando and that sorts it all
  11. Many thanks Sammy Sun and David H
  12. This August we are doing our first fly cruise having done many from Southampton. A few questions? Any tips for the journey out/back ? We are on Oceana not for the first time. We are visiting a few ports that will be new to us and am very much a person who likes just to get off and do our own thing. So I was wondering how far from the towns we are when we visit Zadar and Sibenik (tender) and what there is to do and visit in this area apart from the obvious in the brochure. We also stop in Piraeus for Athens and have been reading that a shuttle is provided to the edge of the
  13. Sindhu absolutely great food when on Britannia we always book. The Beach house is another favourite of ours the food and service were excellent last time we were on board and I would go as far to say on our last cruise it was the most enjoyable food coupled with service we had on board. We have previously used the limelight club but that was a couple of cruises ago we didn't bother last time on board Britannia. I think it really depends on the show/ act that is on. It can be fairly expensive and in my opinion the food or service was not that good and unless it is someone you really want
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